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Motorhome Argentina

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Motorhome Argentina

Motorhome Argentina have the following motorhome available to rent in Buenos Aires, Argentina:


motorhome argentina

motorhome argentina

Jeep Wrangler with Rooftop Tent


4×4 RV with 4 seats and a place to sleep suitable for 2 adults + 2 children. Equipped with camping-kit.
Transmission with 4WD / 6 manual gears or automatic. Child seats can be fitted.


Designed for weekend fun or for the true outdoorsman, the Roof-Top-Tent is practical and simple eliminating the hassle of finding a flat dry location or spending extensive time setting up your tent.


Motorhome Argentina full details of the campervan are available at our Jeep Wrangler with Rooftop Tent information page.


The following locations are available to rent a motorhome in Argentina:


Main Depot Locations at Motorhome Argentina Pickups are only available at these locations

Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires International Airport

Buenos Aires Domestic Airport


The following locations are only available as dropoff locations, and are Request Only – You can place a booking via our booking engine, and we will confirm with the supplier if it is possible.

Bariloche (Patagonia)

Iguazu (Northeast Argentina)

Mendoza (Cuyo)

Puerto Mandryn (Patagonia)

Salta (Northwest Argentina)

Trelew (Patagonia)

Ushuaia (Patagonia)

Santiago de Chile (Chile)

Punta Arenas (Chile)

Puerto Montt (Chile)

Colonia (Uruguay)

Montevideo (Uruguay)

Punta del Este (Uruguay)

The Plaza de Mayo is a must visit location in the centre of Buenos Aires and several of the city’s major landmarks are located around the Plaza.

Travelers who collect dining experiences may want to visit Cafe Tortoni, Argentina’s oldest and most famous cafe.

Visit the Iguazu falls which is located in the northeastern corner of the country near the borders of Paraguay and Brazil. Travel to the west of the country and visit the magnificent wine lands of the Mendoza Wine regions. The winelands in the eastern foothills of the Andes vineyards are planted at the some of the highest altitudes in the world.