Milan Italy Motorhome and Campervan Hire

By Leslie Brown


Milan Motorhome Rental with it’s central location in the north of Italy. Milan  is a major hub for airlines coming both from Europe and overseas. It is a major transportation hub both for road, rail and air traffic in Europe.


There are many advantages of starting your European trip from the Milan area of Italy. The most important being the easy access from overseas. There are many airports in the Milan area notably Milan Linate, Milan Malpensa, which is the international airport.  Finally Bergamo airport also known as Bergamo Orio al Serio Airport. Bergamo is located near Milan and is the home to many low cost airlines.

Because of the great transportation infrastructure around Milan it is also the centre for Italy. We can arrange a Motorhome to be delivered to meet you. This may be  at an airport location and also collected after your trip in Italy.

Milan Motorhome Rental

Milan Motorhome Rental






Campervan sizes  in the Milan area.

Milan Motorhome Rental come in all sizes ranging from 2/4 to 4/7 berth motorhomes so allow yourself enough space. Book a large enough motorhome to travel in comfort.


Milan Motorhome Rentals in Italy come with both limited kilometres and unlimited kilometres packages. Obviously unlimited kilometres packages are more expensive. Limited kilometre package for Motorhomes in Italy may suffice if you are not doing a great deal of travelling. Most packages allow 100 to 150 kilometres per day.  Over 10 days that is 1000 to 1500 kilometres cumulative.

All vehicle models in Europe come with a turbo diesel engine and they are super efficient and save money on fuel costs. If you require extras like bedding. The rental companies charge these as an extra but you may also buy cheap sleeping bags from a sports store.

Travel to other countries in Europe.

You may travel to all European Union countries including Switzerland and some East European countries.  You can travel all around Europe to all EU countries 28 in total. For peace of mind, in the event of a mechanical failure there is a European breakdown service.
Campgrounds are available across Europe and you may buy campground books online at Amazon.There are some smartphone applications available online with GPS coordinates.


Either travel the coastal routes or visit hill towns in central Italy or travel north to the Alps or travel into Germany. From Milan it is easy to visit Verona and Venice. You could also travel west to the Italian riviera via Genoa. Also travel into the French Rivera and on to Spain and the seaside beaches.


Basically you have the freedom to travel across Europe and make a fantastic trip of a lifetime.

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How to hire a campervan in the Milan area?

  1. What is the best location to hire a motorhome or campervan in the Milan area?

    Rental companies are all on the outskirts of greater Milan and some maybe 70 kms away.
    We have several rental companies quoting for all the airports in the Milan area.
    When you make a booking request for an airport our software will add in the cost of the campervan plus the airport collection fee.
    This way you can be collected at the airport either with delivery of the vehicle to the airport. The alternative is to transfer you to their rental depot.
    Some airports may not allow campervans into the airport.

  2. Can I pick up a campervan or Motorhome off a early morning flight?

    Our suppliers in Italy are flexible about times.Our software will add any extra out of hour charges to your price.
    It is possible to be collected at all out of hour times maybe 05.00 hrs to 23.00 hrs.
    Check when booking as our software will display times.
    Fly drive can be arranged at Milan Malpensa airport and also at Linate and Bergamo airports

  3. What is the best time of year to visit Italy?

    The shoulder season May June and late September off the best value rental rates for RV and Motorhome hire in Italy.
    Avoid August if at all possible as most Italians holiday in August.

  4. Is it possible to travel around Europe and cross borders into another country?

    The European Union is made up of 28 Countries. Between these countries there are no physical borders so you can travel without any restrictions.
    You may also travel across Switzerland and Norway.
    If you are from outside the EU check as to what Visas you require.
    You will require an International drivers licence if from outside the EU.

  5. Who is Worldwide Motorhome Hire?

    Worldwide Motorhome Hire is a subsidiary of WMhire LTD. A travel and tourism company that has been in business in Europe for over 20 years, so we have the knowledge and experience to help you find exactly what you need to make your holiday an enjoyable experience.
    We are partnered with trusted Motorhome RV suppliers all across Europe and the World to bring you great deals on Motorhome Rentals. We only supply you with up to date and current Motorhome models; in fact, most of our models are under 18 months old!
    Our Booking Engine is the first in the rental industry that can display quotations from several rental companies on the same page. By showing you all the results at once, you can compare prices, and see what is the best deal for you. Having all the results on one page also saves you time!
    You can use our Booking Engine to email a quotation directly to yourself for review later, or you can go ahead and Book straight away, online.

  6. How do I make a booking for Milan Italy?

    At motorhome tips for beginners to get a Motorhome Hire quote and submit a reservation request, please go to our website at
    You will see our booking engine on the right hand side of the home page – simply choose the country you would like to collect the vehicle. When you choose your desired country of pick-up, our system will then offer you a variety of pick-up and drop-off locations in that country – choose from the available locations the ones that suit you best. Then enter the dates and times you wish to pick-up and drop-off the motorhome, and select the berth size you require. Then click the Search button. You can then browse through the selection of Motorhome RV types on offer at your chosen location. Select the Motorhome you are interested in, and you will then be able to add any add-ons or options that you wish to include in your rental rate. Finally, you will enter your credit card details to pre-pay for your rental, and you’re on your way as soon as we confirm your booking request is available.

  7. How do I know what the total cost of renting a motorhome is going to be?

    Just use our booking engine! After you enter the details of the rental you wish to make, you will see a list of Motorhomes along with prices. These are the Base Prices, without extras. When you click “Select” beside your chosen motorhome, you will be taken to the Optional Extras page. All extras will be listed here, along with prices. Choose the Extras you want, and click “Add these extras”. The next page will show you a detailed summary of the cost of the rental. At any stage during the process, you can choose to send yourself a Quotation via email.

  8. Where can I get a picture and more detailed specification of the Motorhome?

    Simply go to our Booking Engine, fill in the details of the rental you are interested in, and click Get Quote. The Booking Engine will give you a list of quotations, along with some basic information on the Motorhome. If you need more information, just click the picture of the Motorhome, and you will be shown more detailed information on the vehicle. This will normally include diagrams of Day and Night layouts showing sleeping arrangements, and full specifications of the motorhome.

  9. Are there other charges to consider?

    The main cost of the Motorhome Rental is going to be the Base Price, along with any Optional Extra’s that you choose.
    In addition to this cost, before returning your RV or Motorhome it is usually required that you clean the vehicle so that it is ready for use for the next renter. If you return the Motorhome in a condition that is not clean and ready for use, you are likely to be charged with a cleaning fee.
    Don’t forget the cost of Diesel/Gas! Of course, we don’t charge you for Diesel/Gas and your vehicle will come pre-filled when you pick it up. Upon returning the vehicle, as in any car rental, you will need to fill the gas tank or you will be charged by the depot. The depot will charge for Diesel/Gas at a higher rate than you would pay at a Fuel Station, so it is in your best interest to fill up before returning.

  10. How can I make a booking after I receive an email quotation?

    Included in the Quotation Email will be a URL link to the booking engine. Simply click on the link (if your email program supports this) or copy and paste the link into your web browser. This will take you to your original Motorhome Rental quotation on our web site. If you wish, you can then amend your quotation, changing dates, berth sizes or any other options you choose. As you make changes, the quotation will update to reflect the changes you make. When you are satisfied with your quotation proceed through the booking process, and make a booking by entering your credit card details.