Motorhome RV Excess Insurance

motorhome rv excess insurance what you need to know about Motorhome Excess Insurance, and how it works
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motorhome rv excess insurance

motorhome rv excess insurance


When you make a motorhome booking, part of the purchase price goes to pay for insurance on the motorhome you will be driving.


The insurance that comes with your campervan rental will always include an Excess. When you pick up your campervan at the depot, you will have to leave a deposit there. The amount of the deposit will be the amount of the excess that applies to the insurance. The excess is the amount of money you will have to pay for any damage that occurs to the vehicle before the insurance company pays for the rest. As an example, say you have an accident in the RV that causes €1200 worth of damage. If the insurance on the motorhome had an excess amount of €500, then you will have to pay that amount, with the insurance company covering the remaining €700.


With motorhomes, you generally have the following options:


1. When you pick up the motorhome, the depot will take a signed credit card slip for the amount of the excess insurance. This slip would be processed in the event of any damage to the motorhome.


2. One of our suppliers asks that you log into a website just before picking up the motorhome, and make a credit card payment for the amount of the excess online.


3. Some other suppliers require cash or traveller’s cheques to be deposited before the motorhome is released but in 99% of cases it is a regular Visa or Mastercard with the owner present on collection of the Motorhome. Virtual credit card are not accepted.


The product we are offering is Motorhome Excess Insurance. You would make the payment for the excess insurance to the supplier as normal, by whichever means they specify, and then go on your holiday. If any damage occurs to the motorhome, the depot will charge your deposit as normal. You would then obtain a damage report from the RV supplier, and retain any receipts. You then simply call the insurance company, and proceed to make a claim to have your excess deposit returned (please note, however, that the first £100 of any claim would not be covered).


All drivers named on the rental agreement for the motorhome are covered, as long as they are aged between 25 and 70. Rentals up to 31 days in length are covered.


The cost is very reasonable; from UK£7.22 per day check online for latest prices , and you can pay in Euro as well. There is also a worldwide cover available, so any of the motorhomes we rent can be covered.


Some other key points to be aware of:


Eligibility to Purchase

  • Aged 24 to 70
  • Holding a full driving licence
  • Not subject to a driving ban
  • Fit to drive and not driving against the advice of a doctor

What is covered with motorhome rv excess insurance


Any physical loss or damage to the vehicle hired up to the excess shown in the car rental agreement including loss or damage to tyres, windscreen, under body of the vehicle and towing charges.


Policy Limits with motorhome rv excess insurance


The excess on the rental agreement but not more than:

  • European Rentals – £2,000 each and every loss and in total
  • Worldwide Rentals – £5,000 each and every loss and in total
  • £500 in respect of towing
  • £500 in respect of keys to the hired vehicle

What’s Excluded with motorhome rv excess insurance

  • The first £100 of any loss
  • Any vehicle whose value is greater than US$80,000
  • Any vehicle aged more than 5 years from first registration
  • Any person not named on the rental agreement
  • Any person not named on the certificate of insurance
  • Any person not eligible to purchase this insurance
  • Mechanical breakdown
  • Miss-fuelling

Who is providing the insurance motorhome rv excess insurance ?

The insurance is provided by Questor Insurance, an Independent insurance intermediary regulated by the Financial Services Authority (firm reference 466942).

How can I find out more?


Full up to date details of this insurance is available on the Questor Insurance website, at