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Denver is known as the “The Mile High City” and is at an altitude of 5,280 feet/1,600 meters above sea level. With a population in excess of 570,000 and a metropolitan area of almost 3 million people, it is the state capital of Colorado. A Gold band embedded 13th step of the state capitol steps is exactly 1 miler above sea level, and officially records the cities “Mile High” status. The city is on the steps of the Rocky Mountain Range and enjoys a mild climate.

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In June 1858, William Green Russell from Auraria discovered gold in the South Platte near Cherry Creek in Arapahoe County, Kansas Territory. This is now downtown Denver. The city was officially founded in November of the same year and named after the Kansas territorial governor, James W Denver. At first, mining was the main activity of the city and in 1859 two men by the name of Jackson and Gregory discovered more gold west of Denver. By 1890 the Denver Pacific, Colorado Central and Kansas Pacific railroads reached the small town of Denver. This allowed for rapid growth of the town and ended the isolation and soon the city of Denver had an estimated population of over 106,000 people


By the turn of the century Denver had around 180,000 inhabitants and 8 years later hosted the Democratic National convention. This was seen as a very important historic event for the growing city. Improved access with the west was needed and plans to build a tunnel through the Rocky Mountains were discussed. In 1928 the “Moffat Tunnel” was opened. It was the brain child of David Moffat of the Denver, North-western and Pacific railroad. The tunnel made the city, and the region, more accessible to those farther west and reduced the travel distance by 283kms from Denver to the Pacific coast.


Denver has continued to grow through out the 20th century. Communications, Utilities and Transport are the major industries today. The Energy Boom of the 1980’s lead to huge skyscrapers being built. Due to it’s isolation the city has always been obsessed with transport systems and in the mid 90’s Denver opened the largest airport in the USA. In terms of area and capacity Denver International Airport is the largest in the nation. In 2000 the metro area population was confirmed to be in excess of 2.1 million people.

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Denver’s 16th Street Mall is an outdoor street over 1 mile long. It’s a busy pedestrian shopping street lined with restaurants, music stores, hotels, restaurants and bars. 16th Street Mall connects Denver with the funky Lower Denver area known as LoDo. In Cherry Creek Shopping center to the South of the city you will find all the top branded stores you would expect like Macy’s and Saks Fifth Avenue. Browse around Park Meadows Mall – built in a mountain lodge style where you will find everything you are looking in a mall. Or why not visit the Denver Pavilions which was designed by the same architect that designed the Louvre Pyramid in Pairs, France.




Denver has plenty of tourist attractions for you to visit you can contact Denver Motorhome RV Hire. Use the excellent city transportation system where one and five day passed are available. You can buy discounted tickets for larger groups. The city boasts an excellent light rail system that will get you to all the tourist sights including:
The Downtown Aquarium where you can see aquatic exhibits from around the world. The aquarium has over 500 species of animals to view. The Six Flags Garden theme Park with over 45 rides to thrill you. It is opened daily from April to October from 10am to 10pm. You could also visit the historic “US Mint” in downtown Denver where you can watch legal tender coins being produced. Admission is free to the mint. Denver Zoo is an amazing place and very family friendly. Why not visit the famous “Mile High Stadium” – home to the Denver Broncos American football team.


Little known fact about Denver – Denver is the home of the Cheeseburger, which was invented here by Louis Ballast.

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