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Bremen Motorhome Campervan


By Leslie Brown


Bremen Motorhome Campervan ,Bremen is a very convenient location in Germany for hiring a motorhome. You can fly in to one of the nearby airports, and collect a motorhome quickly.


In addition, if you are flying in to Hamburg or Amsterdam, and the motorhomes there are all sold out, it is very easy to transfer to Bremen, and get a motorhome there. Sometimes, but not always, you can find a motorhome in Bremen, when there is none available elsewhere.

Bremen Motorhome Campervan


Bremen is also very conveniently placed to access Denmark, and by going across the Oresund Bridge, you can drive into Scandinavia, and tour around Norway, Sweden and Finland. Please remember, though, that you have to bring the motorhome back to Bremen at the end of your holiday; most German suppliers require that you return the motorhome back to the depot you collected it from.



Of course, there is much to see in Bremen and the surrounding area, before you head off on your holiday!


Many of the sights in Bremen are found in the Altstadt (Old Town), an oval area surrounded by the Weser River, on the southwest, and the Wallgraben, the former moats of the medieval city walls, on the northeast. The oldest part of the Altstadt is the southeast half, starting with the Marktplatz and ending at the Schnoor quarter.


Bremen, the port city on the Weser river, can look back on over 1,200 years of history. With such a rich history to draw on, it is no wonder that the central square of the city has 2 sites that are Unesco World Heritage Sites. The first is a statue dated back to 1410 called the Roland Statue, erected by the people to protect their position as a great trading city. Nearby is the other Unesco World Heritage Site, Bremen Town Hall. The Town Hall dates back to the 15th century, with renovations talking place in the 17th century.

Bremen Motorhome Campervan

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We’re still not finished; there is St. Peter’s Cathedral, dating back 1200 years, and the statue of the cockerel on the cat on the dog on the donkey (touch the donkeys legs with both hands for luck), head over to Bottcher Street which has been converted into an outdoors art gallery, with staues and carvings lining the streets, go shopping on Soge Street with the large monument to swineherds from the middle ages, and on and on … !

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Bremen Motorhome Campervan

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