Motorhome Hire Frequently Asked Questions Europe

We have completed a page to help you with queries on how to hire a Motorhome in Europe. There are many different suppliers of Campervans and Motorhome Hire in Europe. Also read article.

Can I travel across country borders in Europe.

Because the European Union has introduced open borders it is now possible to travel within all EU countries without even revealing you have entered another country. There are 28 countries in the European Union.

What licence do I require to drive a motorhome in Europe.

An ordinary motor vehicle licence is ok if you have an EU licence a Class B to drive a vehicle up to 3500 kgs. If you are from outside the EU you should have your national driving licence and also an International licence.

Are there restrictions on the age of the driver.

There are no legal restrictions on what upper age a driver can drive.
The only restrictions are made by the Motorhome suppliers check their terms and conditions. Generally 21 to 70 years of age but this may vary between suppliers.

Can I travel to countries in Europe outside the EU .

In some circumstances this is allowed consult us and we can arrange travel to Montenegro, Albania and Serbia.

Are there automatic transmission Motorhomes in Europe.

Most motorhomes in Europe come with manual transmission about 99% there are only a few vehicles that come with automatic transmission.

What size Motorhomes are available.

Campervans and Motorhomes come in all sizes from a small nifty 2 person Campervan up to a 6/7 person family vehicle.

How efficient are Motorhomes in Europe.

As all Campervans and Motorhomes in Europe have super fuel efficient Turbo diesel engines cost is not really a limiting factor on an average holiday. Fuel ranges from 1 Euro to 1.40 Euro per liter.

What about Motorway tolls.

Some countries like Germany have free motorway usage. using the motorways ensure you can get to your appointed destination faster.
Some countries ask you to pay to use their roads for a set period of time. It is called a Vignette this can be for a day or a longer period of time.

What is the cheapest time of the year to hire.

The off season has the best value rental rates any time outside high season which is July August and Easter and Christmas.

How old are Motorhomes in Europe.

Most of the rental fleet in Europe is up to date with very few Motorhomes over 2 years old, in some cases they are current year models.

What about Campgrounds do I need to book in advance.

While it is usually possible to park “in the wild”, it is always advisable to stay in Campgrounds as it is safer. In addition, you can hook up to mains power and water, and there are usually shower facilities. You can find campgrounds online, and some companies will provide a book with campgrounds information when you rent the campervan.

Can I pick up a Campervan hire in a city centre location.

Most motorhome companies have their depots located outside of cities, as land is very expensive, and you need a lot of it to park a couple of hundred motorhomes on. You will normally be required to travel to the depot to collect your camper van, though some companies do offer a transfer service for a fee from city center hotels and airports.

What is the pick up procedure.

It is most common to pick up a motorhome in the afternoon and drop it back in the morning. This allows the rental company to valet the vehicle before the next person takes it out. When you collect your motorhome, you should be aware that it can take up to 90 minutes to process all the paperwork, inspect the vehicle, and get training on how to operate all the equipment on board. If you are arriving late in the day, you are much better off staying a night in a hotel, doing a little sightseeing the next day, and picking up your motorhome that afternoon – it will be a lot less stressful.

What deposit will I be asked to leave when hiring a Motorhome.

You will always be asked to leave a damage deposit when taking out a motorhome. The vast majority of companies do this by running an imprint of your credit card. You will generally get the deposit back a few days after you drop off the motorhome. There are some companies that only take cash for the deposit – you should have this explained to you when your booking is confirmed. Some companies offer a damage excess reduction which you can take advantage of – it is usually charged as an additional daily fee. Read further details .