Narvik Norway Motorhome Campervan

Narvik Norway  Motorhome Campervan  has a rental depot in  Bjerkvik and we have 2 berth to 6 berth models available for hire.

Motorhome and Wohnmobile hire is a fantastic way to get off the beaten track and there is an ample supply of campgrounds in Narvik Norway.Norway is an amazing country to visit, with fantastic scenery and welcoming locals. Norway has a long and interesting coastline from Oslo in the south to the artic regions in the north including Narvik which is an ice free port.

Narvik is serviced by it’s small airport .There are several daily flights to or from Oslo Airport to Harstad/Narvik Airport, with onward connections. Flight time is 90 minutes.

Narvik Norway Motorhome Campervan

Narvik Norway Motorhome Campervan

Hurtigruten, the Norwegian Coastal Voyage, cruises the Norwegian coastline and calls at Svolvaer and Harstad, both of which are connected to Narvik by road. Due to the Gulf Stream, Narvik has a relatively mild climate despite its northern location. The dense and steep mountains of Skjomen, 50 kilometres south of the city, gives hot temperatures in the summer.

Narvik Norway  Motorhome Campervan can offer 2 berth 4 berth and 6 person motorhomes for hire in Narvik. It is recommended that you book early as there is a shortage of motorhomes every year in the Narvik region of Norway.

Please use the booking engine above to get a quotation or to book online. You can email a quotation to yourself or go through the booking process and add any extra equipment that is available to your quotation and complete the process online. NSB (the Norwegian State Railways) offers daily train departures between Oslo and Fauske in Nordland, with onward travel to Harstad by connecting bus. Harstad has excellent express boat connections with Tromso, located about three hours away, and to the island kingdom outside Harstad – Bjarkoy and Senja.

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