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Portugal Motorhome Hire we have several different suppliers in Portugal for Motorhome and RV rentals. Campervans or camping cars are also used to describe motor homes. We have a wide range of vehicles for hire at Portugal Motorhome Hire.

You can pick up a Motorhome rental in the following locations or at a nearby location on request.


Locations Available


Portugal Motorhome Hire we can have you picked up and transferred to one of the campervan depot locations in Portugal if you are within 100 kms of that depot. Please note that this is on a request basis.


Motorhomes in Portugal need to be booked months in advance for the summer season rental to avoid disappointment.

To book a Motorhome or RV, simply use our booking engine above for a quotation. You can email the quote to yourself for review, or you can proceed and book online, adding extras as you proceed through the booking process.


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Portugal, a land of sun and beauty

By Leslie Brown


Portugal is a beautiful country, neighbour to Spain, on the Iberian penninsula of wouth-west Europe. It offers a dizzying array of contrasts to the visitor, from the sun soaked golden beaches of the Algarve, to the region of Porto in the north, home, unsurprisingly, to Port Wine.


Portugal is a country of about 10 million inhabitants with islands in the Atlantic Madeira and the Azores. Portugal used to have colonies in Africa and across the world but it has granted independence to these countries but you may still see the influence in present day culture in Portugal.


Portugal Motorhome Hire

Portugal Motorhome Hire

In addition to wonderful sights and attractions, Portugal is blessed with a great climate all year round. Even with the sun blistering down from the sky, the presence of the Atlantic ocean off the west coast moderates the hottest days somewhat, giving it a somewhat more forgiving climate than, say, the center of Spain, during high summer.


You can choose to visit the very popular main tourism area in the south of the country, around Faro. There are many facilities and resorts to choose from. Or you can head up north to the Douro Valley, which is where the grapes that go into the famous Port wines come from.

It is very easy to get to Portugal for your holiday. The country is well served by airports at Faro, Lisbon or Porto. Most of the main airlines have flights to these locations.



Portugal Motorhome Hire

Portugal Motorhome Hire

Food in Portugal is generally made from an abundance of simple, fresh ingredients. Due to the position of the country, with it’s long Atlantic coastline, Portugal has a rich fishing history, so, as you might expect, fish is a staple. Rice was introduced to Portugal by the Arabs during their conquest of the peninsula in around the 8th century AD. As a trading nation for most of it’s history, spices play an important part in Portuguese cuisine; piri-piri sauce from the far east is a particular national favourite.


In the south of the country, the food is influenced by the Moors, and you will find such things as almond and fig desserts.


Where to go and what to do

Portugal Motorhome Hire

Portugal Motorhome Hire

With a huge atlantic coastline, Portugal is blessed with mile upon mile of great golden sandy Beaches. Beaches stretch from the warmth of the sunny Algarve in the south, with year round sunshine, all they way up the coast. Lisbon has many fine beaches within easy reach of the city centre, and the Estoril coastline is known as the Portuguese Riviera. The silver coast stretches from Lisbon to Porto with windswept sandy beaches that are great for windsurfing. You will be spoiled for choice!

Lisbon, the capital city of Portugal, with it’s fine suspension bridge crossing the River Tagus looks very reminiscent of San Fransisco. While there, visit the Belem Tower and the quaint Alfama district.

Golf is a big tourist attraction in Portugal, as, due to the excellent weather, the game can be played year round..Most of the golf courses are centered around the Algarve region; for example, the luxury estate of Quinta do Lago. Courses are open to members and non members alike, as most courses depend on tourists for their revenue, so you will have no problem getting a round in.


Motorhomes are available for hire in Faro,Lisbon and in Porto and some one way trips can be made from Faro to Porto or Lisbon or vise versa.