Campervan Hire Italy How to Plan

Italy is a very diverse country from the Alps and Tuscany in the north to Naples and Sicily in the extreme south.
City centres can be a challenge to drive through, but good Autostradas and wonderful scenery make road trips a pleasure. Spend a day cruising through the sunny Tuscan countryside and you’ll soon see what we mean.
A Campervan will give you maximum flexibility to explore and meet the real Italians whether in the coastal areas or mountain top villages. For advice on How to book a Motorhome RV in Europe.

  1. How to travel to Italy and hire a Campervan

    If you are planning to travel to Italy you most likely will fly to the large airports like Milan-Malpensa (MXP) or Rome-Fiumicino (FCO) .
    Most other airports are covered by local European low cost carriers like Ryanair, Easyjet. It is better to rent your campervan first contact your rental company and get an option on a RV or Campervan.
    In Italy most campervan suppliers will have a minimum rental period this will range from between 7 days to 10 days minimum hire.
    Most Italians take their holidays in August so most business will close during August.
    It is essential to place your booking several months in advance for bookings mid June to mid August
    You can then book your flight and confirm your Motorhome or Campervan rental. It is very important to do the booking in this order.

  2. How to get a campervan at an Italian airport.

    All campervan suppliers in Italy do not have a physical rental desk at an airport. When you book an airport location either you will be transferred to the rental depot or in the case of small airports a campervan will be delivered to the local airport.
    You will be met off your flight and the rental company will monitor your flight arrival time in case of delays.
    This is a great way to start your travel in a Campervan in Italy as you most likely will get straight onto the Autostrada and this gives you time to get used to driving.
    Remember to switch on your cell phone on arrival.

  3. How to drive in Italy in a Campervan RV

    there are more than 490,000 kilometers of roads in Italy, varying from wide, straight motorways to mountain passes and twisting coastal routes. As a result, driving in Italy can be quite different depending on which area you visit, but city-to-city drives are generally straightforward and easy.
    If you are from outside the EU you will require an International Drivers Permit (IDP). You may drive on a normal Class B licence in any campervan up to 3500 kgs weight this is in general up to 7 person Motorhomes.

  4. How to drive in Cities in Italy in a campervan

    Driving in large cities such as Rome and Naples is a very difficult experience which is not recommended. Their modern districts aren’t too bad, but in the historic cores you can expect lots of narrow streets and one-way systems beware of cameras that can dish out parking fines. Some city or town centres have restricting parking only for residents and you will be fined for entry without even realizing it.
    So it is always recommend that you park in a campground or in the modern part of town and get public transport.

  5. Before setting out on your trip.

    Check the Autostrade per l’Italia website before setting off to look up toll charges, plan your journey and pick up news on any traffic hold-ups. Better to do a little research before setting out on your journey.
    Don’t always rely on your sat-navigation when going off the beaten track as some roads might not be suitable for driving on. It is worth having a Touring Club Italiano map of the region you’re heading to. It will give you a better idea of terrain, scenic routes and places of interest.    

  6. How to choose the correct Campervan in Italy

    First you need to decide if you are travelling alone or with family or friends. Motorhomes or Campervans can be confined spaces so you need to decide if you can share with another couple or person.
    It may be better to hire two campervans and travel in convoy than sharing with another couple this all depends on your relationship.
    So better to think about who you wish to share with and also decide on the best Itinerary that is agreeable to all travelers.
    I always like to have a bit of space to travel around Europe in as I like to do some cooking with the excellent local produce and take a shower.
    I personally like a 4 person Campervan and this may only be a small amount more expensive than a 2 person Campervan.
    So choose a larger campervan and hire an outdoor kit for eating outside. I recommend that you bring along a GPS or use your phone
    with a local SIM card