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  Annecy Motorhome France


Annecy Motorhome France have a wide selection of Motorhomes available also in Geneva and Lyon. Annecy is in the North of the French Alps, and located between Geneva and Chambéry. The medieval town centre was built around a 14th Century, the Chateau is dissected by small canals and streams running out of Lake Annecy, which is clean, fresh and a wonderful azure colour. Annecy is also the prefecture of the departement of Haute-Savoie. Annecy is close to the International airport at Geneva, which is served by many airlines. This is also an import ski area in the Alps.

 Annecy Motorhome France

Annecy Motorhome France


Annecy is the capital of three cantons:
The Canton of Annecy-Centre is made up of a part of Annecy and has 15,344 inhabitants;
The Canton of Annecy-Nord-Est is also made up of part of Annecy and counts 19,540 inhabitants.;
The largest canton is that of the Annecy-Nord-Est, which is formed from a part of Annecy and the communities of La Balme-de-Sillingy, Choisy, Épagny, Lovagny, Mesigny, Metz-Tessy, Meythet, Nonglard, Poisy, Sallenoves et Sillingy. Its population numbers 44,164.


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