Motorhome Hire Calais France

Calais is a great option for British visitors

Worldwide Motorhome Hire has a wide range of up to date models available at Calais, Rouen and Caen. With nearly 50 sailings per day, Calais is a great gateway for passengers travelling from the UK. Motorhome Hire Calais can offer rentals in the nearby town of Rouen and we have negotiated very keen rental rates for both long term and short term hire.

We can have a motorhome delivered to the port in Calais for a fee. Otherwise, to get the best price get a quotation for Rouen and pick up from the rental depot in Rouen where you may leave your car.

Alternatively, take the train to the outskirts of Paris where a motorhome depot will meet all your needs.

Motorhome rental companies in France in general work 5 days per week Tuesday to Saturday especially in the south of France. You will notice this if you try to get an online Motorhome quotation online and you get an error message. We have one company based in Paris that will do rentals Monday to Saturday.

Should you have an queries about hire in paris or in France generally just contact us and our experienced staff can advise you.

The advantages of renting in a location like Rouen or Caen is that you may avoid all the traffic in Paris and get to your destination with less stress.

Motorhome Hire  Calais offer excellent Motorhome or campervan hire rates for Calais  and Rouen France. To get a Motorhome hire quotation use our booking engine on this page.

Motorhome Hire  Calais

It is possible to travel to all EU countries with your hired Motorhome; there are no restrictions.

Here are some useful links for you. Please check for further details regarding Calais:

Calais Port France – official website of the port in Calais giving all ferry information.

Regional Trains France – official website of French Railways

Fast Train TGV – travelling in high-speed rail can be another attraction on your holiday. Check for latest information, buy tickets on-line.

 Contact us if you have any queries remember we need your location of pick up dates of rental and also how many persons are travelling.

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