Motorhome Hire Mulhouse Euro Airport Campervan France

Mulhouse Euro Airport Campervan Hire is available at Mulhouse airport  which entails a transfer to our rental base nearby in Germany.

This ensures you the best rental rates and the best selection of rental vehicles.

Motorhomes and campervans are available from our base approximate 20 kms outside Mulhouse France, which is in the extreme south east corner of France, where Germany, France and Switzerland meet. The location of the depot is actually across the border in Germany and it is ideal for visiting adjoining countries and you can travel to all EU countries including Switzerland at no extra charge.

Mulhouse Euro Airport Campervan

Mulhouse Campervan Hire


Please note that you must drop back the Motorhome to the depot of origin.


Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg is one of the few airports in the world operated jointly by two countries, France and Switzerland. The headquarters of operations are located in Blotzheim, France.The airport is located completely on French soil, but is operated on an agreement established in 1946 where both Switzerland and France are granted access to the airport without any customs or other border restrictions. Basel is German-speaking. The local variant of the Swiss German dialects is called Basel German.

Mulhouse Campervan Hire to  book a Motorhome or Campervan please go to our quotation and booking engine and choose Germany and then choose the location Basel-Lorrach. You can get a taxi to the depot from Mulhouse airport to the depot in Basel Maulburg.

Please contact us if you have any queries.

Mulhouse Euro Airport Campervan Hire

It is possible to travel to all EU countries with your hired Motorhome; there are no restrictions.

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