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Italy Motorhome Hire

Italy Motorhome Hire is available from many locations across Italy. We have the largest amount of quality suppliers of Campervans / Motorhomes in Italy including Sardinia and Sicily. We have done all the work for you so you can view the best selection of suppliers in Italy in one place, saving you vast amounts of time trawling around the web looking for bargains.Just use our booking engine above, entering the details of the rental you would like, and click “Get Quote”. Our engine will then show you all the motorhomes from all our suppliers for the dates you enter.

If you have an early morning departure flight we would advise you to return the motorhome the day before and stay the last night in a hotel, as this will ensure that you are not rushed on your last day – it can take up to an hour to return a campervan to the rental depot.

Italy Motorhome Hire Depot opening times are noted in our booking engine, and please note that, generally speaking, these are the only times available; we cannot make arrangements outside of these times.

Fly / Drive

Let us know if you would like to arrange to have yourself met at the airport when you arrive in Italy, and be transferred to the depot, or in some cases, the motorhome can be delivered to the airport. These transfer and delivery arrangements depend on which supplier can meet your requirements. We cannot be more specific at this stage but on confirmation you will be supplied with all the relevant information required.

If you know the airport you are arriving at, you can request such a campervan transfer if one is available. Simply pick the airport location from our booking engine at motorhome hire Italy; the transfer price will be included in your booking or quotation.

We have more details available on the following locations:

Italy Motorhome Hire suppliers may not have depot locations near airport locations so they will arrange a transfer to their nearest depot to pick up your Campervan. The price of this transfer, if available, will be included in the rate, and you will see transfer information alongside the quotation.


We service the busiest locations in Italy which are Milan, Milan Malpensa Airport, Milan Linate Airport, Milan (Orio Al Serio- Bergamo) Airport, Rome, Rome Ciampino Airport and Rome Fiumicino (Da Vinci) Airport. Most of these airports are serviced by low cost carriers as well as national airlines. We have over 65 campervan and recreational vehicle locations throughout Italy including Sicily and Sardinia so we are sure we will be able to fulfill your Motorhome requirements.


The airports that we can arrange a motorhome pickup at are:

Albenga Airport – Alghero Airport (Sardinia) – Ancona Airport – Balzano Dolomiti Airport – Bari Airport – Bologna Airport – Bologna-Marconi Airport

Brindisi Airport – Cagliari Airport (Sardinia) – Catania Airport (Sicily) – Cuneo Airport – Florence Airport – Forli Airport

Genoa Airport (Genova Portofino) – Genoa Cristoforo Colombo Airport – Grosseto Airport – Milan (Orio Al Serio- Bergamo) AirportMilan Linate Airport – Milan Malpensa Airport – Naples Airport – Olbia Airport (Sardinia) – Padova Airport – Palermo Airport (Sicily) – Parma Airport – Perugia -S Egidio Airport – Pescara Airport

Pisa Galileo Galilei Airport – Reggio Calabria Airport – Rimini Airport – Rome Ciampino Airport – Rome Fiumicino (Da Vinci) Airport – Trapani Airport (Sicily) – Treviso Airport – Trieste Airport – Turin Airport (Caselle) – Venice Airport – Verona Airport – Vicenza Airport

To book a Motorhome or RV, simply use our booking engine above for a quotation. You can email the quote to yourself for review, or you can proceed and book online, adding extras as you proceed through the booking process.

If you have any questions they may already be answered at our Frequently Asked Question’s (FAQ’S) section.


Should you have any further questions about Motorhome Hire in Italy you can contact us via the telephone or email contacts on our web site.

The freedom of a Motorhome holiday in Italy Motorhome Hire

By Leslie Brown

Having travelled in Italy several times by train and rental car over the years, I have to say that a motorhome holiday offers several benefits. I definitely think it has more advantages than disadvantages. When staying in hotels and B&B’s, if I am moving around, I have to be honest and say that I dread the packing, checking out, moving, checking in and unpacking, with the knowledge that we have to do it again the next day as well.


I have found that it is simply very relaxing to wake up in the morning, have a leisurely breakfast, do a little bit of a tidy up for safety’s sake (don’t want any loose dishes falling around in the cab), haul out the maps and guidebooks, decide where we are going today, and just go. It’s just so much quicker.


I also do not miss lugging suitcases around all the time!


Another aspect I like is that travelling through Italy in a Campervan or Motorhome allows the traveller to experience parts of Italy that the ordinary tourist never sees. Since you are not tied to a specific location because of accommodation, you can simply keep driving in whatever direction takes your fancy. It’s quite fascinating how many amazing sites there are in Italy, just beyond the range of a single car journey from the major cities.

I also like the fact that I am not restricted because of a pre-booked itinerary. I tend to have a vague idea of where I want to go, and a few things I would like to see. When I get to an area, it is much more fun to investigate and see what pops up. I also like the freedom that comes with not having commitments and plans that force me to make for a particular place at a particular time.

I am freed from the tyranny of having to follow a plan!
Though I have been several times, it must be said that it would take several years to see everything that Italy has to offer. A country as old and rich in history in Italy is not peeled away in a few chunks; there are a multitude of things to see and do. It is a good idea to pick an area, and concentrate just there, rather than doing too much driving to try and see all of the country in one go; that just isn’t going to work.


Italy Motorhome Hire

Lake Como, Italy

If you decide to visit the Alps, you have a lot of choice. You can arrive in Milan, and, there in the distance, you can see the immense mountains hovering on the horizon. Take a trip up, and also go for a while to Lake Como, one of the most beautiful lakes in all of Europe. The lake is surrounded by many beaches and small villages, with an abundance of activities and tours available for visitors.



A Hallway in the Uffizi Gallery, Florence, Italy - CC

For a change of pace, how about visiting the many museums and art galleries of Florence. Florence has a long and rich history, and this is reflected in the architecture and art on display. Visit the Uffizi Gallery, or view the Ponte Vecchio, where a bridge spans the Arno River, and has shops and houses built onto it, as used to be common in medieval times. You can stay in a campground overlooking Florence called Campeggio Michelangelo. More details are available on their website. One thing to keep in mind; Florence is an amazingly popular tourist destination, so if you plan to visit, try to visit outside of the main tourist season of July and August.
Another option if you are in northern Italy is Venice, though for obvious reasons you will have to leave your motorhome at one of the many campgrounds that surround this beautiful city. Once you have settled your camper there, just grab some of the frequent public transport and head into the city. Public transport in Italy is very efficient, regular, and cheap, and is the best way to get around Italian cities; you don’t want to drive a large motorhome through some of the narrow, winding streets you can come across. In fact, the larger cities have restrictions on bringing private transport into the city centre, anyway, so park and ride is your only real choice anyway.

Italy Motorhome Hire

When travelling between cities, you can take the “autostrada”, which are like motorways, or German “autobahn”. They are very easy to drive, direct routes between cities. You can also peel of onto secondary roads to visit small villages. It is possible to travel all the way from the north of Italy all the way to Sicily in the south by motorway, down the east or west coasts.


A point to keep in mind is that the Italians take their main holiday in the month of August, so if you visit during this time, you can expect the roads to be very busy and Motorhomes will be scarce. Italians love motorhomes (calling them campers) as well as we do, so if you want to book during August, I recommend that you book at least 6 months in advance to be sure of getting a motorhome before they are all booked out!

All in all, a motorhome holiday is easy, cheap, convenient to arrange, and very very relaxing. Please feel free to contact us here at Worldwide Motorhome Hire if you need any more help or information.

Useful Links and Campgrounds Italy Motorhome Hire

Camping Venezia – The closest camping site to Venice, Camping Venezia is only 5 minutes by bus from Piazzale Roma, the main terminal. If you book a motorhome with us, they will give you a 10% discount on their official tariff!