Motorhome Hire in Alba, Piemonte, Italy

Alba is the capital of the Langhe zone of Italy, a quieter area of north-west Italy, bordered by the Alps and Liguria on two sides. France and Switzerland nearby have influenced this lush region of low, rolling hills and vineyards, dotted with the medieval castles that still stand guard over this country. This is a beautiful and mysterious part of Italy, with an atmosphere quite unlike the Italy of Rome and Naples. Upper Langhe, nearest the French border, is still wild and unspoilt scenery, where forests of oak shelter the walker – or botanist; this area still contains nearly fifty species of orchid, and orchid nurseries are dotted here and there to make the most of it. Little villages and towns are also worth visiting, like Perletto and Bergolo. Bossalasco is a popular area to visit also. Don’t forget to taste the savory cheese made from the milk of the Langa sheep, a speciality of the region!


Travelling south in your motorhome, the oak forests give way to the second of Langhe’s important crops – the hazelnut groves, in between the little villages. Between here and to Alba itself are many other d’Albas to visit – Monforte d’Alba, with it’s historic town centre, and Serralunga d’Alba, with a famous and imposing Gothic castle from the 1200s with a false ceiling for the defenders as a last-ditch hiding place should the castle be stormed.


Alba itself is in the Lower Langhe region, where rolling vineyards stretch as far as the eye can see. This is a good region for a wine-tasting tour! Take the time to explore this town (and have a look for the famous truffles!). Your campervan will give you perfect freedom to drive where you like through Italy, and even across the borders to the whole of Europe. Come to Alba and Langhe, for a holiday you’ll never forget.


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