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Lake Como Campervan

Lake Como Campervan is located near Lake Como in Italy. Located on the southern shores of Lake Como near the Swiss border, Como is a popular and attractive location for visit. Silk has been important here for a long time, and tourism is part of the lifeblood of this attractive city, so there’s plenty to see and do. You may travel to all EU contries and Switzerland so you have total freedom to travel across Europe.

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Lake Como Campervan

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Originally a colony of Rome, Como gained independence in the eleventh century, and gradually became a great rival of Milan. The arts are where Como reached its pinnacle, and the maestri comacini, the great medieval and Renaissance artisans, sculptors and architects were revered through Italy and further. Remains of this golden age of the arts are present in the city hall dating from the 13th century, the wonderful marble cathedral and many other buildings throughout Como. A cosmopolitan city, it shows the many cultural influences of its history and location, from the nearby Swiss border, and from Milanese, Spanish and Austrian control during its long history.


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