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Marino Rome Campervan

Marino Rome Campervan is an ideal location to start your Italian adventure. Marino is an Italian city and commune in Lazio, central Italy, on the Alban Hills, 21km south east of Rome. It’s bounded by other cities namely Castel Gandolfo, Albano Laziale, Rocca di Papa, Grottaferrata, and Ciampino. Marino is famous for his white wine, and for the connected Grape Festival, being celebrated since 1924. Rome the eternal city does warrant several days exploring the city.

Marino Rome Campervan






Marino Rome Campervan offer excellent RV-motorhome or campervan hire rates for Marino, Italy. To get a motorhome hire quotation is easy, go to the Motorhome Hire section on our website and use our quotation and campervan booking engine. We advise that you research your holiday rental early so you avoid disappointment of no availability in high summer.

We also have a rental centre in Naples south of Rome and this has easy access from Rome. If you are considering travelling along the Amalfi coast I would recommend that you do this from a day trip from Salerno. There are several campsite on the beach near the Greece ruins in Paestrum south of Salerno.

There is a local railway line that passes through Paestum to Salerno. You can get a ferry that will take you along the Amalfi coast to Positano and other locations. enjoy the scenery without the traffic congestion.

Marino Rome Campervan






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