Motorhome Hire in Naples, Campania, Italy

Motorhome Hire Naples and Naples is a regional capital (Campania) of Italy, and one of the oldest and most densely populated cities in the world. It lies between two volcanic areas, including the famous Vesuvius which buried Pompeii. Naples enjoys a typical Mediterranean climate with mild, wet winters and warm to hot, dry summers.

Motorhome Hire Naples

Motorhome Hire Naples Square

This is one of the most exciting cities in Italy you will visit it is raw and fantastic jut walk through the narrow streets in the old town to sample it’s delights. It is almost impossible to drive on the city streets due to the traffic congestion and the wild driving. It is better to pick up a motorhome from Motorhome Hire Naples at the airport and you have direct access to the Autostrada.

This is the city to taste the ultimate pizza just walk around the city centre and there are artisan pizza shops.



The city has a long history of fine Neapolitan cuisine, influenced by the various cultures which have held sway over the city throughout it’s long history. Neapolitan cooking has it’s own famous dishes, including pizza, the ingredients of which are strictly regulated, and spaghetti, well known sweet dishes, and the famous Neapolitan coffee. It is also known for its wines, and limoncello, a highly popular lemon liqueur.

Motorhome Hire Naples

Motorhome Hire Naples Shopping


Naples has always been important for music, especially opera, and the oldest working theatre in Europe, the Teatro di San Carlo remains the heart of Naples’ operatic tradition today. You can immerse yourself in the music unique to this city – the Canzone Napoletana traditional music of the city, which includes the world-famous piece “O sole mio”.


Naples historic city centre is a WNESCO World Heritage Site, and it’s very survival to become so is a wonder in itself – it was the most bombed city in Italy in WWII.




Motorhome Hire Naples

Motorhome Hire Naples Pizza Shop

You may have to strictly limit your time in Naples, or you will have no time left for the rest of Europe, or even just the rest of Italy. Your motorhome is your movable home for your holiday, and it can be taken anywhere in the EU. There is so much to see, and Naples is a wonderful place to start!


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