Motorhome Hire Olbia Airport (OLB)

Motorhome Hire Olbia on the beautiful island of Sardinia lies in the Mediterranean, the second-largest of the Mediterranean islands. It is part of Italy, but with regional autonomy. The rocky coasts rise impressively from the blue waters as you approach the island, with the Gennargentu mountain range as the centre, giving the traveller through Sardinia magnificent views of canyons and plateaux. The mix of the lower valleys and white sands combined with the imposing highlands make Sardinia an attractive and popular place to visit, especially for motorhome enthusiasts, due to the freedom to explore this gives.

Motorhome Hire Olbia

Motorhome Hire Olbia


Olbia, in north eastern Sardinia, is the island’s main port and has a reputation for being Sardinia’s most exclusive resort. The 1950s were Olbia’s roaring heyday, but since the recent arrival of budget carriers to Olbia Airport, it has seen a steady rise in visitor numbers again.

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Please remember to book early as most Italians from the mainland take their holidays in August and supply of Motorhomes and campervans is none existent.



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Motorhome Hire Olbia

Motorhome Hire Olbia







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