Motorhome Hire Palermo Airport (PMO)

Campervan Palermo Airport Sicily

Campervan Palermo Airport Sicily

Campervan Palermo Airport Sicily  have a wide range of Motorhomes and RV vehicles available in Sicily for hire.Various mainstream and budget airlines have direct flights from London to Palermo Airport in Sicily. It is also known as Punta Raisi and Falcone-Borsellino Airport, and is 19 miles to the west of Palermo city.

Beautiful Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, off the southern tip of Italy. Although (autonomously) part of Italy, it has a rich and unique culture of its own, and a distinctive style in art, music, literature and language.

Campervan Palermo Airport Sicily welcome you to the island of Sicily.

Phoenician, Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Arab, Norman and Italian, the capital of Sicily has evolved its own very unique and vibrant culture, and remained defiantly Sicilian in its 2,700 years of existence.

Campervan Palermo Airport Sicily Front swivel seats

Campervan Palermo Airport Sicily Front swivel seats

A city set around a large bay, the sea is important in Palermo life, and the seafood is excellent. One of the things that continues to attract visitors from all over the world is the food, so don’t forget to eat out here and experience it! Exploring the city will take time as well, especially if you come during the Feast of St. Rosalia, the patron saint of the city, reputed to have saved the inhabitants from the Black Death. The Cathedral alone shows the many influences of the many cultures to have come through here, a mixture of styles due to rebuilding through the ages. The bright red domes of San Giovanni degli Eremiti show the Arab period of the city, although they are incongruously perched on a Gothic structure. The beautiful Palazzo dei Normanni should be seen, and the Islamic Museum is housed in Zisa, once a royal castle where the kings of Palermo went for hunting.


Campervan Palermo Airport Sicily offer excellent RV-Motorhome or campervan hire rates for Palermo Airport, Sicily.
To get a motorhome hire quotation is quick and simple – go to the Motorhome Hire section on our website and use our quotation and campervan booking engine.

Campervan Palermo Airport Sicily

Campervan Palermo Airport Sicily Fisherman



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How to best hire a campervan in Italy

  1. Italy is it suitable for Campervan hire?

    Italy is a large country North to South it is diverse with the Alps in the North down to Sicily in the South.
    Most industry is based in the north and the South is much more rural and the economy is based on Agriculture. it is a fantastic country to enjoy the rural delights of Italy with lazy lunches.Flexo SLX Van

  2. How to hire a Campervan in Italy to ensure a great holiday?

    First advice is to decide what location you want to hire from. Are you prepared to rent and pick up the vehicle from the local rental centre or will you pay a little extra to have the Motorhome delivered to a airport or port or city centre location.

  3. What is the best location to start my rental from?

    We recommend that you start from an airport location as generally you can get onto an autostrada and get accustomed to the campervan and get out of any city traffic.

  4. What type of campervan should I select?

    We would advise that you select a vehicle with a little space especially if you are staying more than a few days in a Motorhome. It is always a balancing act between space and also having a small agile campervan to use in urban areas.

  5. How to choose limited kilometers or unlimited kilometers in a campervan rental in Italy?

    This entirely depends on how much kilometers you intend on travelling. You can purchase rental package with 150 Kms per day which may suffice as over a week this is 7 x 170 which equates to 1050 Kms allowance for the week. A unlimited kilometers package is more expensive so consider what distance you intend on travelling.

  6. How to arrange a fly drive airport pick up in Italy?

    Simply choose an airport pick up from our booking software eg Milan Malpensa airport with the time of your arrival in the arrivals hall. You can then advise your flight number at a later stage with all your documents. We will arrange to have you met in the arrivals hall and you can be away on your holiday within an hour of your arrival in Italy. We cover most locations in Italy with about 70 locations.

  7. Can I drive a Motorhome into city centres?

    In large cities like Milan, Rome ,Naples for eg we recommend that you park outside the city centre and take public transport to the city centre.
    Traffic in Naples is very congested and a bit manic.

  8. How to book a one way trip within Italy?

    Simply choose your pick up location and then choose the drop back location and our software will quote you if possible.

  9. What is the best time of the year to hire a RV in Italy?

    The spring or the Autumn are best for lower rental rates. Most Italians take their holidays in high season August and traffic is heaviest so avoid August if at all possible.

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