Motorhome Hire in Porto Torres, Sardinia, Italy

Porto Torres Motorhome

Porto Torres Motorhome is an ideal ferry port and we can deliver a Motorhome to the terminal. The beautiful island of Sardinia lies in the Mediterranean, the second-largest of the Mediterranean islands. It is part of Italy, but with regional autonomy. The rocky coasts rise impressively from the blue waters as you approach the island, with the Gennargentu mountain range as the centre, giving the traveller through Sardinia magnificent views of canyons and plateau. The mix of the lower valleys and white sands combined with the imposing highlands make Sardinia an attractive and popular place to visit, especially for motorhome enthusiasts, due to the freedom to explore this gives.

Porto Torres Motorhome


Porto Torres is located in northwestern Sardinia, Italy. It lies along the Gulf of Asinara at the mouth of the Mannu River, just northwest of Sassari. Porto Torres ferries sail to Marseilles in southern France as well as to the island of Corsica via the ports of Propriano and Ajaccio.

A considerable town in Roman times, thought to be the first settlement on the island of Sardinia, it lies in the large bay of Golfo dell’Asinara. Some of its Roman roots are still visible today, including the large bridge over the Rio Mannu. The eleventh century three-naved Basilica of San Gavino is an impressive site, built of precious hardstones such as marble and granite. The Neolithic necropolis of Su Crocifissu Mannu and Li Lioni is an interesting, if perhaps rather eerie experience.


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