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Rome Motorhome RV Hire


Rome Motorhome RV  “The Eternal City” and Caput Mundi (Capital of the World) are just two of the names given to this ancient Alpha global city. It has been a power for over two millennia, from Ancient Rome which ruled Europe to the modern powerhouse and centre of politics, economy, media and religion (as the home of the Catholic Church, which has had a great impact on the beautiful architecture of the city).

Rome Motorhome RV

Rome Motorhome RV

It probably goes without saying that Rome’s historic centre is an UNESCO World Heritage Site! Rome’s attractions to a wandering visitor are too many to list, but the Colosseum, the Pantheon, basilicas, palaces, piazzas, its vast and marvellous collection of art, sculpture, mosaics, frescos, paintings and all the “minor” forms of Roman artwork that have survived from all periods of its history are to be seen and admired here. Michelangelo’s frescos in the roof of the Sistine Chapel are well known throughout the world, but there is still nothing like seeing the real thing rather than just pictures of them. Rome is also as thriving now in modern times as in any point of it’s magnificent history.


Rome Motorhome RV  and visiting Rome is to visit one of the greatest homes of art, where culture, philosophy and architecture have permeated every street. Apart from the obvious visual art and architecture though, there is also a rich musical tradition here, centered on the Parco della Musica, one of the largest musical venues in the world, and the opera house – Teatro dell’Opera di Roma. Roman cuisine is also to be experienced, traditions in cooking kept from Rome’s height of cuisine fame in the Renaissance.


Fashion is another major facet of modern Roman life – although not as great as fashion queen Milan, it is still a world fashion capital. Major luxury fashion houses and jewellery chains are headquartered here and have their boutiques here, especially along the Via dei Condotti.

When you leave Rome, your adventure is still only just beginning, and your motorhome will prove itself as the only choice for a holidaymaker who wants to see all Italy has to offer. Beyond Italy, Europe awaits, as you may take your campervan/RV anywhere in the EU with no restrictions.

Rome Motorhome RV

Rome Motorhome RV

Rome Motorhome RV  offer excellent RV-motorhome or campervan hire rates for Rome. To get a motorhome hire quotation is very easy – go to the motorhome hire section on our website and use our quotation and camper van booking engine.

We also provide a wide range of Motorhomes and campers at Naples airport and you may visit the Amalfi coast.






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