Motorhome Hire in Sondrio, Lombardy, Italy

Sondrio Campervan Lombardy Italy

Sondrio Campervan Lombardy is well situated to travel to all the Alpine regions. Sondrio is an attractive wine-growing location in the north of Lombardy. Backed by the high mountains and the rivers flowing to the large lakes characteristic of this region, it is a picturesque area to visit. The wine growing of this area, particularly Sassella and Grumello vineyards, also make it an interesting visit! A relaxing start to your holiday could be spent sitting in a cafe with a glass of the local wine, looking out over the magnificent landscape of this unspoilt region of Italy.

Sondrio Campervan Lombardy

When you’ve seen what Sondrio has to offer, there is the rest of Italy and Europe to explore. The difficult choice is going to be deciding whether to go south through Italy or North into the rest of the continent. All of the EU is open to you in your campervan, there are no border restrictions. You aren’t tied to a specific hotel or city, and there are many motorhome halting sites scattered all over for you to plan your trip by.


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