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Camper Van Trapani Airport can arrange all your travel arrangements and you can be collected from your flight at Trapani airport Sicily Italy. We have a wide range of Motorhomes and Rv rentals available at Camper Van Trapani Airport. Choose the model you prefer online and we will make the arrangements.

Camper Van Trapani Airport

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Trapani Airport is located 13 km south west of Trapani. Once a military airport, it now accommodates over 500,000 passengers per year. It also has new low-cost connections by budget airlines such as Ryanair.


The beautiful island of Sicily is the largest in the Mediterranean Sea, off the southern tip of Italy. Although (autonomously) part of Italy, it has a rich and unique culture of its own, and a distinctive style in art, music, literature and language.


Camper Van Trapani Airport  is located on the west coast of the island, a city with an unusual sickle-shape which has given rise to local legends about the city’s founding. One such myth suggests it stemmed from the dropped sickle of Demeter (Ceres) as she searched for her kidnapped daughter Persephone. The second, rather more bloodthirsty legend suggests it was once the sickle of Saturn, after he murdered his father, Chronos. A statue of Saturn now stands in the main square of Trapani.

Camper Van Trapani Airport

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Partly due to heavy Allied bombing through the war, nothing remains of the older city – most of what stands now is medieval through to modern. But there’s plenty of attractions to visit, including the cloisters, churches and piazza of this lovely city. A particularly interesting attraction is The Misteri Easter procession, when the guilds of the city make a procession of groups of religious statues, carrying through Good Friday and Holy Saturday.


Sicily is much more than just Trapani though, of course! Mount Etna towers over the island, and attracts many visitors every year, as do the many other towns and cities of Sicily. For those interested in the history of the great empire of Rome, there are many sites of Roman amphitheatres, temples and other buildings, many preserved in excellent condition and open to the public. The best way to see everything this island has to offer is probably in a motorhome! Not tied down to a particular hotel, or even city, you can see as much Sicily has to offer as you can in a couple of weeks. …And you’ll likely want to come back the next year to see more!


Camper Van Trapani Airport provide excellent RV-motorhome or campervan hire rates for Trapani. To get a motorhome hire quotation is easy; just go to the Motorhome Hire section on our website and use our quotation generator and camper van booking engine.

Camper Van Trapani Airport

Camper Van Trapani Airport



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