Motorhome Hire in Trento, Italy

Campervan Trento Lake Garda

Campervan Trento Lake Garda you can choose from  two person to seven person motorhomes in Trento. Trento has always been a rather upper-class and expensive area, with a rich history as a holiday location for the wealthy bishops and other noble figures of old Italian aristocracy.
It is still regarded as one of the most wealthy and expensive areas in Italy, due in no small part to the strength of its three areas of agriculture, wine-growing and high-tech industry. Easter is a lovely time to see this city, nestled among fields of apple trees in full blossom.

Campervan Trento Lake Garda

Motorhome Hire Italy

Another attractive feature of this town is its pedestrian town centre, with frescos still decorating the walls of the historic buildings. It is certainly worth spending a day or two here before you start exploring further afield with your campervan. Italy isn’t going anywhere in the meantime!

But when you do decide to move away from attractive Trento, there’s a wonderful country to explore! Or maybe you’ve seen much of Italy before, and you want to go elsewhere? Well, why not – the rest of Europe awaits, with no restrictions at borders within the EU as to where to go. Your motorhome gives you the freedom to travel where you will and see everything you want for your perfect European holiday.



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