Motorhome Hire in Trieste, Italy

Trieste Italy Motorhome

Trieste Italy Motorhome have two berth to seven berth Campervans ready for booking locally in Italy.Trieste has a unique position in history and geography, located on the border of Italy, Slovenia and Germany. As such, it has a lively, cosmopolitan feel, influenced by all three over its centuries of existence. Over recent times, it has begun to regain some of its old glory in culture, economy and politics. The coffee aficionados may be happy to know it’s leading coffee exporter in the Mediterranean, and the home of Illy Coffee.

Trieste Italy Motorhome


Although it’s not one of the commonest tourist destinations, that rather works in its favour, allowing you to see this beautiful city in more peace than some of the more crowded (and consequently expensive!) locations. The Piazza Unita d’Italia is possibly best seen at night, lit up and glittering. The seafront is attractive and made for pedestrians to take a leisurely stroll alongside. Two castles are also in excellent condition for visitors to view, Schloß Miramar and the Castle of San Giusto are both nearby, and Miramar in particular has wonderful gardens, planted in the 1800s. Also, several Roman buildings still exist here, including several temples to the old Roman gods Zeus and Athena.

A slightly unusual activity to be tried here is exploring the cave systems. The single most famous is the well-named Grotta Gigante, which is large enough that, in one single cavity, St Peter’s Basilica could be safely enclosed!

Perhaps one of the biggest questions of your holiday, after seeing Trieste is to which country to go next? There’s three all within an easy drive, Italy, Slovenia and Germany, all with their own attractions and entertainment. We can’t really suggest which to go to, as you’ll enjoy them all, especially in the freedom of your motorhome-campervan (RV in the United States). Not tied to a particular city or hotel, the real debate is how many countries you will get to see, rather than how many buildings. Whichever route you choose, your holiday will be a memorable one!

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