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Vercelli’s economic importance stems from rice; it’s the capital of Italy in this regard. However, it is also an enchanting and lovely place to visit. It is estimated to have been started around 600BC, making it one of the oldest urban areas in Italy. It also had the first publically-funded university in the world, built in the 1200s.

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This area is important for Roman archaeology and architecture, with an amphitheatre, sarcophagi and a hippodrome, to mention a few of its most fascinating sites. The medieval period saw the construction of the great Cathedral, which now holds paintings, and the famous Vercelli Book, an old English manuscript. The Basilica di Sant’Andrea dates from just before the building of the university, and is regarded as one of the most beautiful Romanesque buildings in the city. The Cistercian monastery is also in this fashion, and likewise as well preserved.

Walking through this town is stepping back in time, and you should leave at least a full day at the start of your holidays to explore it properly! But when you have seen all that Vercelli has to offer, it will be time to move on in your campervan to see what the rest of Italy has to show. Or why not explore even further afield in your motorhome – all of Europe awaits!

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