Motorhome Hire in Verona, Italy

Motorhome Verona Italy we can deliver a campervan or Motorhome to meet you from your incoming flight at Verona airport.

Motorhome Verona Italy

Motorhome Verona Italy

Verona is a romantic city of medieval walls , most famously, of course, Shakespeare’s own Romeo and Juliet, and it is ever popular as a honeymoon destination and weekend getaway.


Following Shakespeare’s theme, one of Verona’s most famous attractions is Juliet’s House, with the famous balcony from which Juliet spoke to Romeo in Shakespeare’s play. Nearby is the Casa Montecchi, popularly held to be the home of Romeo.


Motorhome Verona Italy  if you come to Verona, one of the must-sees is the Roman Amphitheatre . If you come in summer, it will also be a “must-hear” if you are lucky – operas are performed there every summer still. The Palazzo Barbieri is another, the 1800s town hall in the Piazza del Erbe, the heart of Verona.

Motorhome Verona Italy

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The centre of Verona is charming and upmarket, with it’s pedestrian streets and boutiques for the holiday-maker to amble around, interspersed with monuments and remains of ancient buildings that suddenly remind one that Verona was once part of the mighty Roman Empire that dominated Europe.


Outside Verona lies, not purgatory, torture and hell itself, but rather the rest of Italy. Verona’s greatest rival Venice will be another likely stop for you! But why not – with your campervan you are not tied to just one city, or even one country. You can travel to anywhere in the EU with no restrictions in your RV/motorhome. No worries about hotels, or having to return to the same place – have a look at our list of various motorhome campsites throughout Italy in the links below and have a wonderful holiday!


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