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Description – [back to top]
The first hybrid  campervan on the market for you to hire out. The Beta Hybrid  has 3 seats rather than 4 as well as a hybrid engine which means you can save fuel and its better for the environment. The Hybrid Spaceship has ‘Hybrid Synergy Drive which automates the changes between drive by the petrol motor and drive by the electric motor depending on the amount of power needed and the current charge in the batteries.  It also regulates the amount of power used by the petrol motor to charge the batteries and directs the energy from regenerative sources braking back to energy creation.


Details – [back to top]
Large Double Bed Yes – 1.4m wide by 1.92m long with additional space to 2.1 metres for taller people to stretch out
Fridge / Freezer Yes
Electric Chiller NO
Water Supply Yes
Seatbelted Seating 3
Portable Cooker Yes / 2 Burner
Dual Battey System Yes, 24 hrs+ hours battery life
CD/DVD/iPod Player Screen Size 24.5CM
Cookware and Cutlery for 3-4 people Yes
Bedding Yes, duvet & cover, pillows with covers and fitted bottom sheet
Transmission Automatic
Power Steering Yes
4WD option NO
Air conditioning Yes
Hybrid Petrol Engine Yes
Electric Windows and Mirrors Yes
Cup Holders Yes
Standard Insurance Free
Free 24 Hour Roadside Assistance Free
Multiple Drivers Free
Unlimited KM’s Free
Road User Charges Free
GST / VAT Included


Photographs – [back to top]
Van Conversion Outside





Additional Information – [back to top]

Bed dimensions: 1.4m wide, 1.92m long with extra
space to 2.1 metres for taller people
External space: if you add the rear awning it makes it 1.2m long by 1.4m wide

Two seats in the front and one seat in the middle of the vehicle.  It comfortably seats three adults.
A child over one years old only can be seated under the shoulder belt with a booster seat if necessary.

The rear seat has 3 different functions
1. The rear seat can lock into the forward facing position to seat 1 person whilst on the road.
2. You can turn the seat around to face out the passenger side slide door when setting up the internal table.

3. You can turn the back seat around to face the rear door so you can set up the internal bed legs when you want to sleep fully enclosed.

Rear Storage: 1.10m wide by 65 cm across and 35cm deep
Central Storage: 60cm by 70cm and 32cm deep

There are two quality portable cookers provided to be used on the cooker tray that you attach to sit outside the vehicle.

Two disposable gas canisters are provided, and you can purchase extras if necessary.

To access the central storage just get into the vehicle via one of the side doors.  You access  the main rear storage by opening the back door.  If you have the awning on there is a zip down window you can open to be able to reach the storage.

15 litre fridge/freezer which runs off a 12 volt second battery
Second battery

The second battery (that comes with all models of Spaceship) powers the DVD player, stereo, fridge and internal lights.  This has 12-24 hours of life depending on how many DVDs you watch.  This battery self-charges when you are driving.

CD/MP3 stereo with AM/FM radio and IPod cord. Separate 10 inch TV/DVD screen

DVD player 25cm or 10inch TV/DVD screen
Water storage

One 20 litre container with pump
Child seating

Space for two baby boosters or one child seat and one booster seat. There is a shoulder belt for the baby seat and a lap belt for the booster seat. Spaceships can not cater for babies under one year old.
Fuel Capacity

55l tank. Your vehicle comes with a full tank of petrol, you need to return your Spaceship with the tank full.

Cigarette lighter 12 volt

Items included with the hire

Bedding – 1 fitted double sheet, 1 double duvet with duvet cover, and two pillows with pillow cases.

Cutlery and Crockery included

– 4 knifes, folks, spoons and teaspoons, brush
– 4 plates, 1.6 litre pot
– 4 bowls, 26cm fry pan
– 4 cups, a chopping board
– 1 can opener
– 1 knife sponge
– 1 potato peeler and 2 tea towels
– fish slice and scrubber
– container to do dishes in, detergent and scourer
Support and Guidance

– How to use vehicle DVD
– How to use your vehicle guidebook

– DOC Department of Conservation Campground guides
– Various other campground guides
– Environmental information
– Accommodation guides
– Depot stations throughout NZ for local support, DVD and book exchange
– Access to great deals and info on activities and operators in New Zealand
– Unlimited DVDs
– Suggested route itineraries

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