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Motorhome Hire in Europe








Motorhome hire in Europe is a specialised service and it is advisable to get sound advice before booking to get the suitable Motorhome that suits your family requirements.

Eubookings is a booking service that supplies RV Motorhomes to traveler’s worldwide.
The client may book online or contact us for personal advice and we will advise from our vast experience
of Motorhome and Campervan rental as to where to obtain the best value rental.
As we rent a large volume of motorhome each year we obtain the best prices from our suppliers and pass on this saving to our customers.
Our prices are actually cheaper than you can obtain so it is time and cost saving to use our expert service.
We have also specialised one way service between some cities as this service is not normally available in Europe.
You can pick up a Campervan in Madrid and drop it off in Rome for example subject to a minimum rental time it may be 10 or 14 days minimum rental.
As Motorhomes area finite resource and they are not available in numbers like car hire we advise very early booking in the peak holiday rental season.
Motorhomes vary in size from 2 berth to 6 or in some cases 7 berth vehicles in Europe and some larger sizes are available in the USA. In Europe 99% of Motorhomes come with a manual transmission and there are very few models with a manual transmission.
Should you have any queries about the best value available contact us for advice before you book any flights so we can obtain the best value rentals for you.

The best advice we can give is book early and contact us for advice the result is you same time and money.

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