Motorhome Hire – Kings Road Coastal Route

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Coastal Route – Kirkkonummi to Inkoo

  • Head towards 51 Road
  • Travel for 1 mile (1.5km)
  • Turn Right on to 51 Road
  • Travel for 17 miles (27km)
  • Turn Left for Ingå/ Inkoo
  • Travel for 1 mile (1.5km)
  • Total Distance 19 miles (30.5km)

Inga / Inkoo


A charming village set on the coastline.


Places to visit Kings Road Finland Motorhome

  • Inkoo marina
  • Fagervik Iron Works – Fagervik Ironworks were founded in 1646.. The manor building of this iron works was built in 1773 and has been excellently preserved. It is a most remarkable Rococo-style building.
  • St Nicholas’ Church – This church is thought to be one of the oldest buildings in the area. The oldest section is dated from the 1300’s but many alterations, repairs and expansions have taken place since then.
  • Degerby Igor Museum- From 1944 to 1956 this area of Finland was leased to the Russians as part of a peace deal. The museum details this part of local history, touchingly illustrated by the story of a young girl who lived through that time. Mona-Lisa of Degerby.
  • Inkoo Summer Market – where a selection of produce and handicrafts from the Finnish archipelago are for sale
  • Gammelgården – The local museum of the Inkoo district. A large number of the collections (including objects from the Stone Age) are located in the 18th century main building. Surrounding this are other out buildings, and sheds, which have been transported from different parts of the municipality. The museum yard is often used as a venue for summer festivals and events.

Coastal Route – Inkoo to Karjaa

  • Head towards 51 Road
  • Travel for 1 mile (1.5km)
  • Turn Left on to 51 Road
  • Travel for 8.5 miles (13.5km)
  • Turn Left on to 25 Road
  • Travel for 3 miles (5km)
  • Turn Right on to 111 Road
  • Travel for 1 mile (1.5km)
  • Total Distance 13 miles (21km)

Karjaa / Karis


Karja is a lively town in the province of Uusimaa with a population of about 9,000 inhabitants.


Places to visit Kings Road Finland Motorhome

  • Svarta Manor – Svarta manor house is one of the largest secular wooden buildings in Finland. The main features of this house are the parquet floors, murals and the gardens.
  • Church of St. Katherine – Medieval grey stone church
  • Antkärrgården by the river

Coastal Route – Karjaa to Ekenäs

  • Take 111 Road
  • Travel for 1 mile (1.5km)
  • Turn Right on to 25 Road
  • Travel for 11 miles (18km)
  • Turn left for Ekenäs
  • Travel for 1 mile (1.5km)
  • Total distance 13 miles (21km)

Ekenäs / Tammisaari


This is a lovely seaside town rich with culture and history.


Kings Road Finland Motorhome

Kings Road Finland Motorhome

Places to visit Kings Road Finland Motorhome

  • Ekenäs Museum – This is the provincial museum of Western Nyland
  • Borgargården – This is a wooden building from the 1790’s illustrating the life of a prosperous watcher maker of that era.
  • Fotoatelieren – A photographic studio preserved as it would have been in the 1950’s
  • Snappertuna Folk Museum – Museum displaying the life of fishermen and farmers in the archipelago.
  • Ekenäs Church – Located in Ekenäs old town district, this grey stone church dates from the 1680’s
  • The Old Town – The old town area of Ekenäs with protected architecture from the 1700’s and 1800’s
  • The Old Water Tower – This tower is also used as an observation tower; contact the tourist office for access.
  • Hagen-Ramsholmen-Högholmen Nature Park
  • The Archipelago – Cruises are available to explore the many islands off the coast of Ekenäs.
  • Ekenäs / Tammisaari National Park – The national park was established in 1989 and consists of 5000 hectares of coastline, and islands.
  • The Nature Centre, Stallörsparken – Free to the public, this centre has exhibitions about the natural history of the local archipelago.
  • Snappertuna Church – Cruciform wooden church from 1688
  • Raseborg Castle Ruins – Built in the late 1300’s this ruin is one of the most important historical attractions of the region
  • Tenala Church – Medieval grey stone church
  • Bromarf Church – A new church built in 1980

Campground Kings Road Finland Motorhome

  • Ormanäs Camping – A sea side campsite and 1 km from the town centre. Phone: +358-19-241 4434

Coastal Route – Ekenäs to Hanko

  • Head towards 25 Road
  • Travel for 1 mile (1.5km)
  • Turn Left on to 25 Road
  • Travel for 21 miles (33.5km)
  • Total Distance 22 miles 35.5km)
Kings Road Finland Motorhome

Hanko Beach, Finland

Hanko / Hangö


The Cape of Hanko and it’s port have been always been a strategic location and hence Hanko has been the scene of many battles. At the turn of the century it took on a more restful aura when the railway arrived and Hanko became a spa town.



Places to see

  • Bengtskär Lighthouse – The tallest lighthouse in Scandinavia is at the tip of the Hanko cape. There is a museum, café and other facilities at the lighthouse.
  • The Spa Park – During the turn of the century Hanko was a spa town and beautiful wooden villas were built in this area. They were designed by well-known architects of that era. Many of the buildings were damaged in the Continuation war, but several still remain.
  • The House of the Four Winds – On the island of Pieni Mäntysaari, this unusual café is worth a visit.
  • Eastern Harbour (Itäsatama) – A bustling harbour with events and markets located here in the summer.
  • Gustafsvärn (Kustaanvarustus) – Fortress ruins on a small island. It was built by the Swedes in the 1700’s. There is also a lighthouse here built in 1951.
  • Hauensuoli (Pike’s Gut) – This narrow straight has been has been used as a shelter by seafarers for nearly 6 centuries. During their stop here many people have carved their names, coats of arms, messages and stories into the rocks of the islands. Over 640 have been found and catalogued.
  • The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Hanko – Neo-gothic style church built in 1892
  • The Church of Lappvik – Originally a prayer house from 1913, it was used as a cinema during the Russian occupation. The church was re-consecrated in the 1980’s.
  • The Orthodox Church of Hanko – Built in the late 19th century by Russian nobility. Do have a look at the icon mosaics in the towers.
  • The Chapel of Täktom – Built as a memorial by Carl Glyphe for his young daughter in 1920. Design is influenced by the Baroque and Gothic styles.
  • Hanko Museum
  • Hanko Front Museum, Lappohja – Wartime museum
  • The Storm Look Out Tower – Located in the port of Hanko on the Kuningattarenvuori rocks.
  • The Water Tower – 50 meters tall, this tower gives great views of the cape and the sea. There is a lift to the top and a telescope for viewing.
  • Puistovuoret Nature Trail – Known locally as the Path of Love, this walk offers wonderful views of the sea and the coastline.


  • Hanko Camping Silversand – 10960 HANKO POHJOINEN Tel. +358(0)19 2485500.

Coastal Route – Hanko to Pohja

  • Return to Ekenäs (22 miles (35.5km)
  • Turn right onto 103 road
  • Travel for 8.5 miles (13.5km)
  • Turn Right onto 111 Road
  • Travel for 2 miles (3km)
  • Total Distance 33 miles (53km)

The Coastal Route now continues from Pohja.

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