Motorhome Hire – Kings Road Inland Route

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Inland Route – Kirkkonummi to Siuntio

  • Head towards the 51 Road
  • Travel for 1 mile (1.5km)
  • Turn Right onto the 51 Road
  • Travel for 7 miles (11km)
  • Turn right onto 115 Road
  • Travel for 5.5 miles (9km)
  • Turn Right for Siuntio
  • Travel for 1.5 miles (2.5km)
  • Total Distance 15 miles (24km)

Siuntio / Sjundea

Places to visit

  • Sjundby Manor House -Manor house built in the 1500’s
  • Suitia Manor Castle -The manor castle was built in 1540-1545. After the destruction of the manor by Russians by 1730, and the new wooden main building was then destroyed by fire in 1758. The manor castle was restored by 1761 and reconstructed in 1898-1899 in a romantic medieval style. The garden dates from the 1540’s and is the oldest known garden in Finland. Now, Helsinki University uses the manor for farming research.
  • Siuntio Church
  • Gårdskulla museum of agriculture – Gardskulla manor was founded in the 1820s. The interior of the main building has been remodelled in 1922. Nowadays, the manor is an agricultural museum, and is also used for events and conferences.
  • Local History and Culture Museum

Inland Route – Siuntio to Lohja

  • Take 116 Road
  • Travel for 7 miles (11km)
  • Turn Left on to 25 Road
  • Travel for 2.5 miles (4km)
  • Total Distance 9.5 miles (15km)


FinlandLohja is situated on the shores of Lake Lohja and this lake is the focus of recreation in the town; fishing, sailing, swimming, etc. The city dwellers of Helsinki discovered this idyllic spot and began building summer cottages here in the 1800’s. Many of the lakeside homes are now owned locally but some are still holiday homes. Controlled development of the lake area has ensured that it retains it’s peaceful and picturesque landscape. The area around Lohja is known for it’s micro-climate which supports some very rare plants.

Places to visit

  • Lake Lohja – The lake area is a beautiful place to stop and facilities are available for many watersports.
  • Pähkinäniemi Park- This park area was first developed in the 1940’s for the employees of a local factory. It has a beach, piers for boats, a restaurant and a dancing pavilion.
  • Lake Lohja Nature Trails – There are 2 1.5km signposted trails along the lakeshore. There is also a trail on Liessaari Island.
  • Karkali Nature Park and Trail – Located about 30 minutes from Lohja, this park is a protected landscape and a 6 km sign-posted trail will bring you through the area with information about the special habitat. Brochures are available in the parking area at the start/end of the walk.
  • Torhola Cave – On the Karkalinniemi Cape, this is the largest natural cave in Finland
  • The Church of Saint Lawrence -This is one of the most important Finnish medieval churches. The building was started in the 1300’s and the church was finished in the 1500’s. It was built to emulate the gothic cathedrals that were popular in Europe, but because of limited resources and unsuitable materials the result is charmingly primitive. The walls and the ceiling of the church are decorated by nearly 200 painted frescoes depicting bible stories.


  • Haikari Camping – Caravan area beside a lake 2 km from Lohja. Equipped for disabled visitors. Tel. 324735. Open June, July and August

Inland Route – Lohja to Pohja

  • Take 25 Road for 10 miles (16km)
  • Turn Right on to 186 Road
  • Travel for 8.5 miles (13.5km)
  • Turn Left onto 104 Road
  • Travel for 10 Miles (16km)
  • Total Distance 29 miles (46.5km)

The Inland Route now continues from Pohja.

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