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Barcelona  is a great centre to pick up a Motorhome at El Prat  or at Girona airport it is easy to book just go to the get a quote button. On the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, Barcelona is home to 1.6 million people, and its history can be seen in every street.


For those who want to get in touch with nature in the Spanish countryside, a motorhome is the perfect way to see it. Driving through the Catalonian countryside around Barcelona is the best way to see its beautiful parks, surrounded by wooded hills. Overlooking the farms and vineyards are the Pyrenees Mountains, bordering Spain with France.


This city has always been famous for its inspiring buildings, which has made it the only city to have won the RIBA Royal Gold Medal for architecture. It is hardly surprising when you see the many World Heritage Sites in Barcelona’s famous Gothic Quarter. Walk along tree-lined Las Ramblas, and make sure to visit Catedral de la Sagrada Familia, which was started in 1882, and is still being built.


Of course, there are the other famously Mediterranean attractions of sun, sea and sand, with Spain’s golden beaches close for lunch, relaxation and soaking up the sun’s rays. It’s always worth travelling a little, perhaps to nearby Sitges, for a quieter beach to enjoy.


Barcelona is also known for its sport and culture. This world-class city boasts two large music concerts each year and many cultural festivals where the whole city comes out for a party. It also has a big alternative and underground musical scene around the El Raval quarter, theatre, orchestra and dance amongst its attractions.


With the freedom that a RV/campervan gives, the many attractions that this ancient city offers to visitors can be seen throughout the year.

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You are welcome to travel to all EU countries with your motorhome rental; there are no restrictions. We can recommend the coast of Spain for its beauty and famous Mediterranean beaches.




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Motorhome Driving Tours in Spain:

Barcelona Airport El Prat is only 14kms far from Barcelona city center, there are several types of transportation to the city: Taxi, Metro, Bus or Train services. There are two terminals at the airport. The T1, which was completed in 2009, is the main terminal. The oldest one is the T2 teminal and currently has no such intense activity as T1. Most flights are covered by low cost airlines.

There are also flights to Barcelona Girona airport in the North or Reus in the South of Barcelona they are about 100 kms away. These alternative airports may be a good alternative to Barcelona El Prat airport.

How to get a campervan in the Barcelona region.

  1. How to get rent a Campervan in Barcelona airport?

    We can offer you one supplier near the airport at Barcelona El Prat airport. They will transfer you free of charge to their rental centre nearby at 08820 El Prat de Llobregat Barcelona. They have an excellent range of vehicles ranging for nimble 2 person campers to large 7 person Motorhomes. The other alternative is to book a transfer with another company to their base about 100 Kms away.

  2. What other airports are in the Barcelona region?

    There are alternatives airports like Girona airport in the north and Reus to the south of Barcelona about 100 kms distance

  3. Is Girona the main airport in Barcelona?

    This is confusing as Girona became known as Barcelona Girona airport in the early days of Ryanair bookings.
    Girona airport and Reus airport are each over 100km away from Barcelona Do not make the mistake as Barcelona’s main airport is called Barcelona El Prat airport.
    It is 13 km South West of the city centre.

  4. What is the best way from Girona airport to Barcelona?

    Most people use the Barcelona Bus to Barcelona Estacio del Nord (Barcelona’s main bus station).
    These buses are following the Ryanair flights to Girona and are a very cost efface way to get between both cities.
    Tickets for the Barcelona Bus must be purchased at the Barcelona Bus ticket desk (you cannot buy them on the bus).
    The ticket offices at Estacio Nord are on the first floor of the station building. Barcelona Bus tickets are sold at Office 0 – Hall C.

  5. How to hire a campervan at Girona?

    We can of course off you a rental at our Girona rental depot choose Barcelona Girona as your campervan pickup location on our booking
    software it is that simple

  6. Does Girona Airport have a train station?

    Girona Railway Station is located in downtown Girona, a distance of 13 kilometers from the Airport. Passengers will need to transfer to Girona Railway Station or to the nearest train station to Girona Airport (Riudellots).

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