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Burgos is a beautiful city in the north of Spain, part of the community of Castile and Leon.

It is very much worth visiting, with beautiful buildings and the winding streets of the old town. The introduction to Old Burgos sets the tone for your visit, the wonderful archway of Arco de Santa María, carved with fine statues.

Beyond rises the magnificent Gothic cathedral in Plaza Del Rey San Fernando, Spain’s finest example. Several other beautiful surviving examples of medieval architecture are the Monasterio de las Huelgas, the Convento de la Merced, and the Cartuja de Miraflores, with its delicate alabaster effigies.

Burgos Campervan Hire

Plaza Mayor, Madrid

The heroic figure of Spanish history, El Cid, was born close to the city, so this is an interesting place to learn about the great general. He is buried in the cathedral here.

If you’re interested in much more ancient history and people of Burgos, travel 14km east of Burgos to the caves of the Sierra de Atapuerca. Occupation of these caves date to the Paleolithic period, and the oldest of these occupied caves date back to the time of the earliest European settlements.

Eating out in Burgos is a must to try its delicacies, such as the Queso de Burgos whey cheese, a local health food. Another of Burgos’ particular foods is the Morcilla de Burgos, a spiced sausage with rice inside, tasty, if somewhat confusing to the uninitiated!

The nightlife is active here, and there’s a good range of alternative scenes, punk, hiphop, techno, pop are all popular, and you’ll have to explore to find the places that suit you the best!

When you’ve seen all Burgos has to offer, it will be time to move on and explore either down into Spain, or west to Portugal, or north into the rest of Europe. There are no restrictions within the EU for travelling in your motorhome, so take the opportunity to see all you can in your campervan home.

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