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Cadiz Motorhome Hire  have Campervans available in Portugal and Spain with travel available across the European Union.

Cadiz in Spain is the oldest city in Western Europe. It is thought to have been founded around 1100 BC, and has been continuously occupied for nearly three thousand years.


Cadiz, obviously, has a huge history to explored, and it’s unusual location, on a spit of land surrounded by the sea, makes it a unique and interesting place to visit. You can visit the Archaeological Museum at the Plaza de Mina for lots of information and exhibits about Cadiz’ long history.

Cadiz Motorhome Hire



Surrounding the old town of Cadiz are massive walls and fortifications, along with two forts, Santa Catalina and San Sebastian. These walls and forts are open to the public for viewing.


Visit the open market in the morning, well worth a visit. As Cadiz is a sea-port, there is usually a very good selection of fish, especially early in the morning.


There is an excellent, family-friendly beach called Victoria Beach, Just to the south of the main city. There are many activities such as beach volleyball, surfing and kite flying available.


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Cadiz Motorhome Hire

You are welcome to travel to all EU countries with your motorhome rental; there are no restrictions. We can recommend the coast of Spain for its beauty and famous Mediterranean beaches.


RV/Campervan hire is an ideal way to discover the long sandy beaches of Spain. As you are not tied to a hotel, you can use your camping car to stay at more remote locations.


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