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Huelva Spain Motorhome

Huelva Spain Motorhome have Motorhomes available in Seville and faro in Portugal. Huelva is a city in the south of Spain, in the Andalusia region. The city is very old, and it is believed to have been continuously inhabited for 3000 years. The city is host to a football club, Recreative de Huelva, which is the oldest football club in Spain.

Huelva Spain Motorhome


Among the attractions to visit in this province are the Columbus sites. These sites include the city of Huelva itself, Moguer, Palos de la Frontera, and the Rábida Monastery. La Rábida is where Columbus sought the aid of the Franciscan brothers in advancing his project of discovery. They introduced him to local rich sailors (the Pinzón brothers), and, eventually, arranged a meeting in Seville with Ferdinand and Isabella.


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You are welcome to travel to all EU countries with your motorhome rental; there are no restrictions. We can recommend the coast of Spain for its beauty and famous Mediterranean beaches.


RV/Campervan hire is an ideal way to discover the long sandy beaches of Spain. As you are not tied to a hotel, you can use your camping car to stay at more remote locations.


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