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Malaga Motorhome Spain has several  rental centre’s in Malaga that can meet your requirements. This warm, sunny city is known as the Capital of the Costa del Sol, and has been dubbed “City of Paradise” by Nobel laureate Vicente Aleixandre. Both are good descriptions for this stunning city. Once it was secondary to the queen of Andalucia, Seville, but now it claims the attention it deserves.



Malaga was the birthplace of famous Cubist Pablo Picasso, and his home is open to the public, as is the 2003 Picasso Museum. The building of the city shows its Moorish roots, as it was one of the last bastions of Moorish rule in the peninsula. Although there was great damage done to the city in the Spanish Civil War period, some older buildings still stand proudly. Visit the Alcazaba Fortress, built around 1065, and now a museum, or “La Manquita”, the “one-armed lady” of Malaga, an impressive 1400-1800s Renaissance/Baroque cathedral, with many beautiful small chapels containing the works of great artists of the baroque style. It received its unofficial name due to its unbalanced appearance, as when work stopped in the last 1700s, one tower remained unbuilt. Also leave time for the hilltop Gibralfaro Castle, with panoramic views of Malaga, and the remains of the Roman Theatre at its feet, currently under excavation.


For the golfing enthusiasts, it is worth noting that Malaga has dozens of golf courses and is an important destination for those who like the sport.


It would not be a Spanish city without festivities, and it has two justifiably famous ones, Holy Week, a nine-day religious devotion with candle-lit processions, parades of floats so large that they must be carried by twenty or thirty people and a level of spontaneity and cheer not always connected with religious festivities. If you travel in August, you will find the annual week-long Malaga fair, with street parties, flamenco, good food. A newer time of celebration is the carnival in February, an attraction of off-season. If you want to experience the Andalusian spirit, here are some wonderful opportunities!

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 Within the town, the nature reserve of Parque de Malaga is close by the beautiful Jardin de la Concepcion, itself one of the most famous collections of tropical plants in Europe.And when you’ve had your fill of sightseeing, good seafood and golf, there’s the golden sand of Mediterranean beaches to retire to for holiday relaxation!

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