Motorhome Hire in Salamanca, Spain

Salamanca Campervan Spain can offer Motorhomes direct from several suppliers in Madrid. It is better to pick up a Motorhome in Madrid and then drive to Salamanca.

Salmanca is a very busy university city with a vibrant city centre with many students.

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Salamanca in the province of Castilla y León is one of the most spectacular and lovely cities in Europe. Renaissance in style, and built of warm golden sandstone, its buildings are famous, including the two cathedrals (12th C Romanesque and the new 18thC Gothic). The university, the oldest in Spain and one of the most ancient in Europe, is the heart of Salamanca, and it undoubtedly is the cause of the vibrancy of this city. Come for the festivals and take in the atmosphere while exploring the little streets and strolling in the big plazas.

Salamanca Campervan Spain

Salamanca Campervan Spain


Travelling with your RV/campervan in the surrounding region is a rewarding experience in terms of what there is to see. Drive along the Silver Road, one of the oldest routes in Spain. There’s many gems to see in this area, including Ciudad de Rodrigo of the beautiful cathedral, and the little church-town of Alba de Tormes.


For an unforgettable motorhome holiday in this wonderful area, look below to get a quote for hiring a RV/campervan. There are several depots in easy reach of the city, it won’t be long before you are on your way!

Salamanca Campervan Spain

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