Motorhome Hire in Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm Motorhome Sweden RV Campervan Hire

Stockholm Motorhome Sweden have great value rentals in several locations across Sweden. Stockholm built across 14 islands and is often called the Venice of the North. With more foreign visitors than any other city in Scandinavia it is also considered to be the Capital of Scandinavia.

Stockholm Motorhome Sweden


Stockholm is situated at the point where the vast Lake Mälaren flows into the Baltic Sea and was built on this strategic spot in the mid 13th century, enabling the founder to tax merchant vessels going in and out of the lake.

As water covers one third of the city area, the maritime life is an important aspect of the city. There are plenty of bridges, marinas and locks. The water is so clean that you can drink it and catch salmon in the middle of the city. The climate is very much conditioned by the sea winds, so even the warmest summer day will be contingent upon the sea breeze finding its way into the city streets.

Sweden has  very high price of rental so you could also consider bringing motorhomes from the north of Germany to Sweden.

With rental in Europe you are allowed to travel to all EU countries including Norway and Switzerland.


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