Campervan Hire in Paris France

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Why Hire a Campervan in Paris France.

When considering renting a campervan in Europe it is well worth considering the availability and frequency of flights.
Paris which is a major hub for many airlines will deliver the best choice of flights.
Campervan rental companies will always have a larger inventory and choice of motorhome in large urban centres and at major airline hubs like Paris.
Thus you will save money on flights be they International or local European flights.

How to Book a Campervan in Paris.

There are several campervan rental companies operating in the greater Paris region. All the centres will be in the suburbs so it will entail you getting a taxi to the location which is easy to achieve. You will be supplied with a pick up address depending on what supplier has supplied the Campervan.
Most campervan suppliers in Paris operate Monday to Saturday and some do not open on Mondays as well as Sundays. Suppliers will only hire for a minimum rental period of 7 days hire.

We can in some instances deliver a Motorhome or have you transferred from the airport to the rental depot for an additional charge.

Can I drop off in another location in France or European locations..

We have one supplier that will allow you to collect the Campervan in Paris and drop off in Lyon, Toulouse, Marseille,Angers,Tours,Nantes and Nice.
This also works in reverse and you may collect and drop off in Paris.
You may also pick up a campervan in Paris and drop off in European locations like Berlin,Milan,Frankfurt,Lisbon and Venice and other locations.
Remember all one way trips incur an additional one way charge please refer here.

Can I travel across Europe.

Europe with 28 countries is open for free travel across the EU
You can pick up in Paris and do a circular tour of Europe in a modern Campervan and take in Germany ,The Netherland and Italy as an example and drop off in Paris again without incurring any extra charges. To save money and also to have a wonderful holiday we recommend that you take a circular route.

Can I book a Campervan early

We recommend that if you require a Campervan in Paris in high season you book early several months and we recommend 6 months in advance if you are planning a special trip.
Booking in time gives you the best prices with discounts available for early booking and the best choice of campervans in Paris.

We have a full team of expert staff that can advise you on a Campervan holiday in Europe so contact us with any queries you may have.

What drivers License do I require.

In most cases an ordinary EU driving license will suffice if you are from outside the EU you may require an International driving license.
All this information is available at the terms and conditions of each supplier as it varies between suppliers. Get a quotation online and you may view the terms and conditions in the email you send to yourself.
To conclude a normal Class B automobile license is ok for all vehicles under 3500 Kgs unless otherwise stated.

We aim to supply you with the best information and help so you can have a fantastic holiday in a Campervan in Paris and across Europe.