Munich Motorhome and Campervan Hire

Munich Motorhome Campervan Hire

Munich Motorhome Campervan Hire Neuschwanstein Castle

Campervan Hire at Munich

Munich Motorhome Campervan Hire have the best prices for RV hire in Germany. You may travel to all countries in Europe consult us there are open borders in the EU. Munich, the capital city of Bavaria is located in southern Germany, approximately 50 kms north of the Bavarian Alps.

We also have a rental base in Regensburg east of Munich as an alternative if Munich is booked out there are bus transfers from Munich airport to Regensburg.


Important economic, financial, science and research centre makes Munich one of the most important cities, not only in Germany but also in Europe. On the other hand famous October Fest – beer festival attracts millions of tourists every year.


Munich International Airport, which is Germany’s second largest airport makes the city even more attractive touristic destination. It is also popular in the wintertime for all ski lovers.


Munich Motorhome Campervan Hire

Munich Motorhome Campervan



Munich Motorhome Campervan Hire hire rates for Munich, Germany. To get a Motorhome hire quotation simple go to the Motorhome Hire section on our website and use our quotation and camper van booking engine.Travelling with rented motorhome to the other countries in the European Union, including Switzerland is permitted.


Other destinations are on request see tips on renting a Motorhome RV in Germany. Also see Frankfurt Camper Hire.


Should you have any further questions about Motorhome Hire in Germany you can contact us via the telephone or email contacts on our web site.

Munich Motorhome Campervan Hire

Munich Airport official website


Should you have any further questions about Munich Motorhome Campervan Hire you can contact us via the telephone or email contacts on our web site.


How to pickup a campervan at Munich?

  1. Where can I collect a Campervan in Munich?

    There are no city centre campervan rental depots in city centre locations in Europe.
    One location is North west of Munich at 85254 Sulzemoos and the second depot is near the airport at 85570 Markt Schwaben.
    It is better to get a taxi from the airport to the rental centre.

  2. Do I need to book a campervan in Munich Germany?

    Yes it is essential to book well in advance in the high season July August September book several months in advance.
    Mid June to mid September is very busy and rentals are oversubscribed several times over.
    In High season there is also a minimum rental period of 10 days hire.

  3. Can I travel to another country outside Germany?

    Yes of course the European Union has open borders between the 28 countries.You could visit Poland ,Hungary the Czech Republic and come back to Germany vis Austria.
    Europe is open to you and you may visit all the locations you desire.

  4. Are the campervan models in good condition?

    Campervans or Motorhomes in Germany are always current models and tend to be under 2 years of age. They will all have turbo diesel engines for great fuel efficiency.
    Fuel expenditure is really not an issue due to these efficient engines.

  5. How much does a campervan cost in Munich Germany?

    Campervan hire in Munich costs between 70 Euro to 230 Euro per day. The cost depends on the rental season and the size of the Motorhome.
    You may get a quotation online at any time.

  6. Can I book a campervan and campground for Octoberfest in Munich?

    Yes a campervan is a great way to travel to Octoberfest. You can book a campground in Munich.
    This campground is on the Isar River and a bus runs several times a day direct to Octoberfest. It is located near Zoo Hellabrunn and also the swimming pool at
    Outdoor pool Maria Einsiedel. there is public transport to the centre of Munich. Read the article for tips on places to visit on your Bavarian visit.

  7. How many people can I put in a Campervan?

    Take note of how many people are recommended to travel in the Campervan as the number of seat belts will determine the maximum load.

  8. Can I hire a bicycle rack on my campervan?

    Yes on smaller campervans you may order a Bicycle rack on the extras page as you book.
    On larger campervans there are storage area in the rear called a garage where you may store several bicycles and also luggage.

  9. What about long term Campervan rentals are they good value?

    We can supply you with discounted rental rates online. Our software automatically applies long term discounts.
    For best rental rates travel outside the high season in mid summer.

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