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If you would like to rent a Motorhome or Campervan in Portugal for your holiday, we have several suppliers in the Lisbon area. We can arrange a transfer service where we will have you collected in downtown Lisbon and transferred to the local depot for the pick up of your Motorhome. We also have other suppliers who will deliver the motorhome to you downtown, or at other locations in Lisbon city


Lisbon, (“Lisboa”) is the capital city of Portugal, built on the banks of the River Tagus, where it enters the Atlantic Ocean. Once the most prosperous city in the world, it already had a millennium of history when Julius Ceaser made it a municipium. It was then captured from the Romans and ruled by the Moors, before being conquered in 1147, and becoming the primary city of proto-Portugal.


Lisbon has a very mild Mediterranean climate, tempered by the Gulf Stream, and generally free from the stifling heat of Madrid or other Mediterranean cities. That’s not to say it doesn’t get hot, of course, with extremes on both ends of the scale from 2ºC-37ºC. Overall, May-September is generally settled and sunny.


The oldest district, Alfama, survived the devastating 1755 Lisbon earthquake, which flattened a lot of the city. It shows its Moorish roots as clearly in its architecture as the name. The well-kept boulevards, modelled after those of Paris, are perfect for walking and seeing the monuments and gardens. The Baixa, part of the area rebuilt after the earthquake is well worth seeing, and one of the shortlisted potential Portuguese World Heritage Sites. Others are Praça do Comércio (“Commerce Square”), Church of Nossa Senhora da Conceição Velha and the Elevador de Santa Justa, which, as the name suggests, is an elevator (“lift”) 45m tall, to get passengers from the lower Baixa to the higher Largo de Carmo. It also offers views of the city and Castle. Other quarters to walk through are Castalo and Mouraria, on the way to St. Jorge’s Castle that crests the hill behind the city. Also, the Belém district with its many monuments, and gardens should be seen at least once!


Asides from walking through the streets to sightsee, there are also many and varied attractions to go to – The Gulbenkian Museam has a remarkable range of things to see, the beautiful gardens. Egyptian artifacts and paintings by the Masters. The Jardim Zoologica and the Parque das Nações are a zoo and aquarium respectively, and much of the metro system is a free modern art gallery and worth experiencing!


Going to Lisbon demands that the authentic Portuguese fare is sampled! Fish plays a large part, and going out to eat in a restaurant is a very social event, with excellent food and wine, conversation and good company. Vegetarians may find it a bit more difficult, but the salad bars are becoming more popular.


Nightlife is wellknown, and the Bairro Alto, Alcântara, Santos, Parque das Nações, the castle and docas (docks) region are all thriving party-centres from dusk to dawn. As with any city, care should be taken, of course, but Lisbon is considered one of the safer European cities. Pickpocketing and petty theft are the most common problems, and normal care should be taken when using ATMs.


Further afield is Sintra, a beautiful World Heritage Site town, only thirty minutes from Lisbon, The beaches of north and south are both beautiful, north particularly good for surfing, compared to the warmer, gentler southern sands. For the sporting enthusiasts, horseriding is a popular activity (unsurprisingly, given Portugal’s fame in the horse-breeding arena), as is golfing, as Portugal has 14 of the world’ s top 100 golf courses… Everything can be reached in your motorhome (although driving within the city itself may be a nervewracking experience for motorists new to the exuberance of some Portuguese drivers!).


RV hire (as known in the US) or campervan hire (Europe) is an ideal way to discover the long sandy beaches of Portugal as you can use your camping car to stay at some remote locations.

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