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Campervan RV Hire Europe

Campervan RV Hire Europe have a large network of 2 person to 7 person motorhomes for European motorhome hire. Whether you wish to travel within one country and travel at your leisure or travel through a few countries within Europe we can look after and advise you. Feel free to browse around to find what you are looking for and contact us for advice.

The cheapest campervan rentals are what some people search for when looking for a rental for their holiday. As this is your big holiday of the year it is wise to judge whether you wish to risk your holiday being ruined by a bad vehicle. We only provide vehicles from reliable suppliers that have up to date rental models that are serviced regularly. In the event of a break down which can happen to any vehicle new or old has the rental company a contract with a breakdown service. Does the rental company have enough vehicles so that they can offer you a replacement motorhome.

Many new websites that offer rentals direct with the owner who do not have any back up service in the case of a breakdown. In the event of a breakdown your holiday is ruined as no replacement vehicle is available and there are no available alternatives in high season.

Campervan RV Hire Europe

Hire Campervan in Europe

It is best to get a quotation online at our quotation software and there are also Top Tips on using a Motorhome available to answer many of your queries.

It is also advisable to take out some Campervan  Excess Insurance in Europe in case of any damage so you do not loose your rental deposit.

You will also find this article useful with tips on renting a Motorhome in Europe.


Long Term Motorhome Rentals are a specialty : If you want to rent a motorhome for 2 or more months anywhere in Europe, call us! As brokers we have access to a huge range of motorhomes all over Europe, and we can make sure that you get the best deal.

Travel with Campervan RV Hire Europe is easy as you may travel to all EU countries including Switzerland and Norway and you will not notice any borders.

You may also read about one way trips in Europe at this article.

To book a Motorhome or RV, simply use our booking engine above for a quotation. You can email the quote to yourself for review, or you can proceed and book online, adding extras as you proceed through the booking process.


If you have any questions they may already be answered at our Frequently Asked Question’s (FAQ’S) section.


Should you have any further questions about Motorhome Hire in Europe you can contact us via the telephone or email contacts on our web site.

Tips on hiring a campervan in Europe

  1. Do research on where you wish to start your campervan trip in Europe.

    Choose carefully your start point for Campervan pick up as this will also determine your finish location. Generally there is good availability in major cities like Milan in Italy and Frankfurt in Germany. Paris and London are also popular destinations. If you are travelling to the United kingdom and then on to Europe mainland it may be better value to rent in France and also in London as ferry costs are high in high season.

  2. Travel off season to save money.

    If possible travel outside the main busy season in Europe. Schools get out in June so early May to mid June is a great time to travel with tourist cities and sights less busy. You can also avail of special off season motorhome rental rates.

  3. Book Campgrounds in advance.

    To allow maximum flexibility in your travels around Europe in off or low season we advise not booking any campgrounds. There are many city campgrounds near towns see Aires
    Aires or rest areas are normally provided by the city authorities to stimulate local tourism and in some cases they are free of charge.

  4. Tips and advice on Campervan Pick Up.

    Ensure you have all your paperwork complete and that you have read your confirmation documents carefully and supplied all documents in advance if possible to the rental company. the rental company will require these documents to fix the insurance on the vehicle.

  5. Stay near the rental base on the first night.

    Some rental companies only allow pickup in the afternoon so it can take at least an hour to get all the paperwork in order. We recommend you stay locally on the first night to familiarize yourself with the use of the campervan. You can then set out early the next day on your trip.

  6. Inspect the motorhome.

    On Pickup of the vehicle do a detail inspection for any existing damage to the vehicle and ensure this is noted on the rental document.
    take photographs if possible. You are responsible for any additional damage.

  7. Listen carefully to the induction on how to use the Motorhome.

    The use of the motorhome will be shown to you and important issues like how to use the heating and gas boiler for hot water usage.
    How to change over gas bottles and if you are travelling to different countries inform the rental centre as there may be different gas regulators.

  8. Paying your Excess insurance deposit.

    The security deposit is taken with a pre-authorisation on a credit card and not on a pre paid credit card or a debit card. Be sure you have the card present on arrival and the credit card must be presented by the holder of the card.

  9. Ensure you have diesel in the tank.

    Check the diesel fuel tank and make sure you keep it fairly full to avoid running out of fuel. In Europe the diesel hose is black at the service station. be sure to fill the motorhome with diesel and not petrol.

  10. Have the fresh water tank full on leaving.

    Ensure the fresh water tank is full on leaving the rental depot.
    Do not mistake the water tank for the diesel tank.

  11. Have a nice holiday.

    If you follow these simple instructions you can really have a great Campervan holiday.

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