Motorhome Hire – King’s Road Tour / Kuninkaantie

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Approx 250 – 350 miles / 400 – 550 km total length depending on route chosen


The King’s Road was the most significant travel route in the Nordic countries, and follows an old postal route. The road has been used by kings and their messengers, bishops and townsmen, artists and armies since the 14th century. The King’s Road starts in Bergen by the Atlantic coast and runs through Oslo and Stockholm, the archipelago to Turku and through southern Finland to Vyborg and St Petersburg.

The King’s Road route runs through Finland’s southern coastal region. The section detailed here is between Lappeenranta and Turku. Along the route there are medieval churches, historic manor houses, picturesque old ironworks, charming villages, rolling hills, lakes, idyllic harbour towns, charming country villages and thick forests – all parts of classic Finland.

  • Total distance for inland route is approximately 250 miles or 400km.
  • Total distance for coastal route is approximately 350 miles or 550km

This is a long tour, and has been broken up into 4 sections.

You can print out the full tour here.

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