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Germany Camper Van where can I rent a motorhome in Europe that offer’s me the best price per day without having to hire a vehicle that is 10 years old and has

limited reliability. We get requests every year from overseas customers looking for the best deals.

Germany Camper Van

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The best advise we can give people is the following tips on renting a Camper Van in Europe.

  1. Germany has  good value rentals and is based in the heart of Europe with autobahns to all European countries.
  2. All our vehicles are current models and all companies offer a breakdown service with free replacements in the event of breakdown.
  3.  We do not hire private vehicles as these cannot be replaced in the event of breakdown which will ruin your holiday.
  4. Book well in advance July and August in Germany generally require a minimum booking of 10 days hire and may be booked out several months in advance.
  5. Minimum rentals are 7 days in normal times outside of Summer,Easter and Christmas holidays. You may drop back early but you must pay 7 days hire.
  6. All rental centres in Germany are closed on Sundays and some have a service on Saturday mornings.
  7. All rental centres are based outside of cities so you will need to get a taxi to the local rental centre.
  8. All models are with a manual transmission only some VW 2/4 berth campers come with an automatic transmission.
  9. Take out Camper van excess insurance in the event of some damage.
  10. All pick up of campervans take place in the afternoon generally 14.00 hours to 17.00 hrs and drop off is at 09.00 hrs to 10.00 hrs.
  11. Best value rentals are available in the off season which is all time outside of the main holidays but April or may or late September are good time to travel.
  12. Please contact us if you wish to have some advice on renting in the south of Germany or the Netherlands
  13. If you are a first time Campervan or Motorhome traveler there are articles available at our travel section that you will find helpful.


Best locations in Germany for Campervan Hire

What are the most popular locations for Campervan or RV hire in Germany?

The busiest locations are Frankfurt, Munich, Hamburg, Berlin and the Koln and Dusseldorf area of Germany. This is because of the international airports in these areas. You will find the best selection of Campervans and Motorhomes in these areas.

What is the cost of hiring a Motorhome in Germany?

Prices vary across Germany depending on the area. Germany has some of the best rental rates in Europe. prices vary between about 75 Euro to 250 Euro per day depend on vehicle size and season of the year.