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Motorhome and Campervan hire one-way

Most campervan and motorhome supplier in Europe do not have rental centres in other European countries.
Hence if you wish to do a one way trip across Europe and drop off in a different country it will be on a special request.
This will also mean extra charges due to vehicle repatriation costs.
For instance it is possible to pick up a campervan in Paris and drop off in Rome, Milan, Madrid, Barcelona or Frankfurt.
These bookings need to be made well in advance as high season July and August have limited availability.
One way Campervan trips in Europe are a great way to see most of Europe in one trip. You may travel to all 27 EU countries without any restrictions.

Find out more about one way motorhome hire.

Tips and advise on Campervan hire in Europe.

Great advise on Motorhome rental in Europe. General guidance on Campgrounds and what size of Campervan that might suit your vacation in Europe in a RV or Campervan. If you intend on using a campervan in small streets in towns in Europe get a small nimble vehicle.

It is best to park up on the outer perimeter of cities and use public transport while on your RV vacation in Europe.

How to rent a RV Motorhome in Europe tips and tricks.

Motorhome/Campervan locations in Europe

Porto-Lisbon: The Atlantic coast is famous for surfers, sunsets and seafood so take a week and enjoy the ride. There are plenty of opportunities for wild camping if it takes your fancy.
Netherlands and Flanders: Start by taking in the sights in Amsterdam, cruising down the beach coast via Leiden and The Hague before uniting yourself with the picturesque Bruges.
Tuscany is perfect: You can turn up more or less anywhere in Tuscany and you’ll have a fantastic time.
Scandinavia: Copenhagen should be your start-point and from there you can either travel north through to Sweden and Norway or South back into Denmark and Germany.
La Côte Atlantique: There is a magic about the French Atlantic coast and it’s a heaven for motorhome owners who are into their water-sports.
Read our tips on renting a Motorhome in Europe with Motorhome holidays in Germany.
Motorhome hire Europe is a very cost effective way to visit several countries and sample the culinary delights of the varied cuisine of Europe.
Motorhomes give maximum flexibility and you can choose when and where to stay. All Motorhomes in Europe come equipped with shower and toilets and with fuel efficient turbo diesel engines.

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How to hire a campervan in Europe?

  1. Can you hire a RV in Europe?

    RV rental in Europe is a pretty easy process. It is wise to book in time several months in advance especially if you are travelling in high season.
    A RV in Europe is a great way to give you maximum flexibility and allow you access to 28 EU countries with no borders. Literally you can pick up RV in France and travel in a loop across Germany,Poland,Czech Republic. Then on to Athens in Greece and return the vehicle in France.

  2. How to decide where to hire a Motorhome in Europe?

    This may be determined by what airport you first land in Europe.It may be a cost advantage to hire a campervan from a different location due to more availability or better rental rates. Some countries have better rental rates and when their high seasons start and finish. This is where we come in and save you money consult us and save.

  3. What license restrictions are there to renting a RV or Campervan in Europe?

    The minimum age varies between suppliers 21 to 25 years of age and up to 70 or 75 depending the insurance restrictions a particular supplier has applied.

  4. Can I drive a RV or Campervan on a normal car license?

    You may drive a RV on a Class B license if the unladen weight is under 3500 Kgs. Most vehicles are under 3500 Kgs in Europe unless otherwise flagged in the specifications.
    A larger vehicle weight in excess of 3500 Kgs requires a Class C 1 license for weight in excess of 3500 Kgs. If you are not a citizen of the European Union EU you will require an International drivers license. This is in addition to your normal country drivers license. Consult the agent or read the terms and conditions of that particular quotation.

  5. Can I hire an automatic RV in Europe?

    99% of RV hire in Europe is with manual gearbox transmission vehicles. There are a few vehicles but these are the exception.

  6. Can I take out insurance on RV hire in Europe?

    You are fully insured for vehicle hire and all you are liable for is a small excess amount this can range between 1000 euro to 1500 Euro which is returned when you bring back the vehicle in good condition.